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Voting ends Aug. 23 for straw sculpting contest

The Fifth Annual US National Straw Sculpting Competition continues, with voting for your favorite 2020 Straw Sculpture, on the Mt. Morris Campus through 4 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 23.

Five new, ‘Fine Art in Straw’ sculptures are entered in the competition for this year.

All new straw sculptures were built by returning artists;

1. Steve & Michele Lentz,

2. Doreen White (Polished Hair &

Nails/Hair on Main)

3. Chris, Cecilia & Ellen Mann

4. Danica & Mark Rogers

5. Fran Volz

Twelve additional sculptures are on display including one or more from each 2020 sculptors, the Community Big Build from 2019, Lady Liberty from 2016-17, and others.

“The display is spaced for comfortable social distancing on the beautifully shaded campus in the center of Mt. Morris. There is nothing like seeing this unique art form in person, but photos of the sculptures and a link to voting are available at,” said Jeff Bold, organizer.

“We thank ComEd for their continued support in sponsoring the US National Straw Sculpting Competition. There is no closing weekend StrawFest day this year due to COVID-19 concerns,” Bold said. “Encore strives to safely provide art opportunities; and continues their mission of making Mt. Morris a unique rural destination for the arts.”

For more information, visit or call Village Hall at 815-734-6425 to leave a message.