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Letters to the Editor

Research organizations before getting on board

Dear Editor,

I am not a savvy political person, but I am a thinker.

I do not spend hours on social media or the news. However, I am aware there are conflicting views regarding how Americans can work for improving lives of black Americans, so I began researching.

I am writing simply to ask others to understand the difference between agreeing that black lives are valuable and the Black Lives Matter organization.

The demands made by this organization are for complete revolution in society, family, economic system, education, and American government.

I back that statement by urging people to read the website: “What We Believe” and then make an informed decision about the movement. Support changes that value the lives of others but please do your research before getting on board with this or any other organization.

Linda Stranberg


“New” rules for political debate

To the Editor,

As the campaign season heats up it may well be that we are headed for another round of the “new” rules for political debate.

You know what that means, right? First, shout your views at the top of your lungs but be very careful not to outline how you’ll actually get anything done.

Second, quickly transition to wildly exaggerating the positions of other candidates.

Do not hesitate to misrepresent those views because your supporters will never pay any attention to anything “the other side” says anyway.

Third, launch a vicious and constant effort to attach the most vile labels possible to your opponent. Sometimes this can be difficult because not all people agree on the most disgusting labels.

Slap on as many as possible and do not worry about evidence that they are valid!

The idea is to clearly establish that every idea your opponent has is designed to destroy everything “good people” hold dear.

Fourth, make sure you caution everyone that the election results are unquestionably accurate if you win but totally fraudulent if you lose and there can be no disputing that statement.

Do you know who is responsible for our political campaigning having come to this? We all are.

Those of us who actually use these tactics are the implementers.

Those who laugh and cheer when we hear candidates engaged in this are the enablers. It is little wonder we refuse to listen to one another and are unwilling to even try to compromise.

Sadly, both parties and most candidates seem content with this style. Sooner or later we have to try to trust one another and work together.

Most people do want our problems solved in a reasonable way. Maybe we could even think about treating each other with dignity and respect. Can we? Please!

Dale Hall


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