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Letters to the Editor

Unemployed can apply for insurance

Dear Editor:                                     

People who have lost their health insurance because they have lost their jobs can go to and apply for Obamacare within 60 days of losing coverage because they have had a life changing event.

Some may be eligible for low cost subsidized coverage under the Affordable Care Act or receive Medicaid. It will probably be less costly than making COBRA payments.

Even though it is predicted that up to 27 million Americans may lose their health insurance due to being newly unemployed by the pandemic, the Trump administration has declined to advertise and inform people of this opportunity to obtain health insurance, nor would they consider allowing open enrollment beyond the 60 days grace period.

In fact, the Trump administration is currently going before the Supreme Court in an attempt to end the Affordable Care Act entirely and end health coverage for millions of Americans.

Congressman Adam Kinzinger is also working to end Obamacare. Contact him and tell him that people need this health care coverage now more than ever.

Julia Hammer


Memorial Day held in Polo

To the Editor:

You can prevent us from church and Masses on Sunday, you can call us elderly at 65, you can insist we wear a mask and stay six feet away from other folks, but there is no way we can be prevented from remembering our fallen men and women on Memorial Day, 2020.

The little town of Polo, USA, celebrated this day with rain on its way and then heavy rain with so many citizens showing their strong devotion to our American Flag and our fallen men and women.

We truly represent God and Country and we will never forget.

Rita Jacks


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