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Teachers drive up for thanks, and three free tacos

Twenty-five Oregon High School teachers and staff received a free “drive-thru” lunch from a local restaurant on May 6.

“I’m very appreciative,” said Dane Bell, a math teacher who drove to the Blackhawk Center on his bike.

The event, organized by school administrators, was in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week. Oregon Elementary School teachers and staff were served on May 5 and David L. Rahn Junior High teachers and staff got their free lunches on May 7.

Wednesday’s lunch was three tacos, chips and salsa from Oregon restaurant, Hector’s Cocina.

Faculty and staff were able to pull-up to the entrance of the Blackhawk Center where the lunches were staged on a table with serving starting at 11:30 a.m.

“The meals have everything they need to construct their own taco,” said Principal Heidi Deininger who greeted each teacher who drove up in their car, or bike, to receive the lunch.

“Thank you so much for what you do,” Deininger said as she handed out the lunches.

Band director and teacher Andy Eckardt pulled into the drive to get his lunch noting that he and his family were doing well.

“We’re holding up and I’ve been checking in with my students making sure they are holding up,” Eckardt said. “My children haven’t torn each other up yet. We just need to keep positive and keep everybody going.”

Bell agreed. “We’re doing OK. We’re missing the kids, but were doing what we can. Some of my students have admitted that they do miss school. But the calendar goes on and the world keeps spinning.”

Math teacher Angela Nordman, made the trip to the school with her fiancée, Jarrett Reynolds, and their new puppy, Benton.

“We’re doing the best we can,” Nordman said. “Benton has been in some of the videos I’ve done for the students.”

Reynolds was ready to assist the high school baseball team, but has instead been helping construct the new press box and storage field next the baseball field.

“I was supposed to be the assistant coach, but that got cut short,” Reynolds said. “We’ve been working on the box and shed and we’re just about done.”

Nordman and Reynolds, who are both OHS graduates, are supposed to be married in October. That date is still on the books, technically.

“We’re in a holding pattern,” said Nordman. “Our venue is only doing cancellations on a month-to-month basis. They won’t let us reschedule so we’re going ahead and planning like we will have it anyway.”

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