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Letters to the Editor

Congress should do their jobs, send needed supplies to border

Dear Editor,

In response to Julia B. Hammer’s letter of Friday, June 28, what is needed to help the migrant children — and the mass of people flooding through our southern border — is for Congressmen and women to get off their “hate Trump wagon” and do their jobs of supplying our border patrol people with the funds, supplies, and tools necessary so they can help these people!

How can anyone be expected to feed and put to bed 1,000 people where there is room for only 200?

(For example.)

No one is wanting to prevent immigration; they just want to be able to have people come in an orderly manner.

How would these Congress people deal with 100 people knocking on their door and demanding food and a bed where there is room for only 10?

So, Congress, where would you put the other 90?

Stop complaining and give the border patrol people the supplies they’ve requested to improve the plight of these migrants and thus you can help them.

Your hate attitude is what perpetuates the problem.

Give it up and do your job — send the needed supplies to the border.


Marilyn J. Schwartz


Museum and concert are “must see jewels”

Dear Editor,

I recently had the privilege of attending a Concert on the Deck at the Byron Forest Preserve’s Jarrett Prairie Center.

Just entering the facility through the million dollar prairie history museum was a fantastic experience. 

The deck , with enough elevation and a light breeze was enough to keep the bugs away (a great achievement for this year) and the panoramic views of the Rock River Valley were beyond beautiful. 

Just watching the sunset was a show in itself.

Also, kudos to the musicians - the Bluegrass Reunion Band – Mike Bratt, bass, lead and harmony vocals, Stillman Valley; Steve Strombeck, fiddle, mandolin, lead and harmony vocals, South Beloit; John Lindblade, guitar, lead and harmony vocals, Machesney Park; and Tim Lawrence, five-string banjo, lead and harmony vocals, Rock Falls.  

Tim is the latest addition to the band, joining in 1992.  

Needless to say, experience is at a premium with this group and it shows in the quality of their bluegrass sound.

The Jarrett Prairie Center, its Prairie History Museum, and its Concert on the Deck Series are must-see jewels on the Ogle County scene.

Ron Colson

Mt. Morris

Requesting library support

Dear Editor,

At the Wednesday, July 17 concert, the Mt. Morris Community Library Foundation will be serving pie and ice cream as one of its numerous fundraisers. We look forward to seeing many supporters that evening.

Just a reminder that our library is a true Mt. Morris treasure, having existed for over 100 years thanks to so many dedicated people sharing their time and financial support.

If it has been a while since you visited the library, or never have, we encouraged you to stop and check it out.

If you are so inclined, we would be most appreciative if you would consider becoming a library foundation member. A one year sustaining is $25, and a life membership is $100.

Foundation members would be glad to enroll you during the concert or you might consider delivering or mailing your support check, written to Mt. Morris Community Library Foundation, to 105 S. McKendrie Ave., Mt. Morris IL 61054.

It is amazing in this digital age, libraries are still very popular places to frequent. The staff and programming at ours are amazing.

Your support to the foundation will help ensure free library cards to all village resident and low cost cards to non-residents.

Thank you.

Jan Dietrich, Paula Diehl, Phillip Labash, Julie Mastny, Julie Robinson, Dora Ubben, Rob Urish, Mary Jane Warkins, Mary Ann Watt, Donna Wells

Mt. Morris Community Library Foundation Board Members 

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