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Letters to the Editor

Oregon residents: think before you vote

Dear Editor,

Let’s go back to last year, when the subject of closing Sixth Street was voted on by the Oregon City Council.

[It was approved] even after numerous folks, residents of Oregon, spoke against closing Sixth Street and two longtime business owners begged the council not to close the street or allow the jail to be built in our downtown.

Both business owners would and have done many things to help Oregon, usually free or at very little cost to our town.

Three hundred thirty-six residents signed petitions asking the city fathers not to close Sixth Street.

However, three of the city fathers chose to pay no attention to the citizens’ request.

They voted to give the county the right to close Sixth Street and construct the jail, to ignore the citizens who voted for them, asking not to allow Sixth Street to be closed.

These same three council members are now running for re-election to our city council, asking you to vote for them again.

If you signed petitions, spoke against, or just did not want Sixth Street closed, think about this.

I urge you to think about how they ignored you and our two big local businesses that begged them not to allow the county to change our city.

They paid no attention to your concerns, had a deaf ear on your thoughts.

When you have council members who pay no attention to their voters, you have no voice in your city government.

Think hard on who you vote for.

The county has over four city blocks that have been removed from the tax rolls in the city.

I have lived here for 60 years, operated a small business for 30 years. We raised our family here, as did my children.

My wife was born and raised here, we loved Oregon.

Having served on the city council for 28 years, over 20 years as mayor, and six years on the county board, I have given a lot to our city and was honored to do so.

I helped start AOP and served 20 years as a volunteer, and 20 years as a volunteer on the Oregon ambulance.

I am asking you to think hard on who you vote for to run our city — someone who will listen to the voters or someone who pays no attention to the voters.

Please think hard. Thank you.

Jim Barnes

Oregon City Commissioner

Library director appreciates support for fundraiser

Dear Editor,

We would like to thank all of those who sponsored holes for our recent Mini-Golf fundraiser at the Mt. Morris Public Library. 

Thank you to Pinecrest Community, Rob and Karen Urish, the Library Board of Trustees, Phil and Ferol Labash, the Performing Arts Guild, Encore! Mt. Morris, and Brett Belleque.  

Thank you also to all who came and played.  

We are able to continue to offer programs and materials because of the support we receive in our community. Thank you!


Mary Cheatwood


Mt. Morris Public Library

Forrestville bus drivers honored

Dear Editor,

The Forrestville Valley School District 221 celebrated Bus Driver Appreciation Week Feb. 4 through Feb. 8, 2019.  

The Forrestville Valley School District celebrated the week with a Driver Appreciation Luncheon enjoyed by all.  

Forreston Grade School and German Valley Grade School PTO as well as Forrestville Valley Athletic Department honored the drivers as well.

The district thanks each and every one of these drivers for their committed loyal service.

Sheri Smith


Forrestville Valley School District

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