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Letters to the Editor

Dickson stepping down as Oregon Chamber director

Dear Editor,

In July of 2012, when I began the journey into revitalization of the Oregon, Illinois, Chamber of Commerce, I did so with the sincere belief that this little town on the banks of the Rock River was a gem with tremendous potential. 

I knew in my heart that through the vision, communication, and partnership of community leaders we could create a ripple effect of improvement and opportunities.  

The historical and artistic roots of Oregon, combined with the scenic beauty that surrounds us, provide the best ingredients for success.

I believe that Oregon has reached a significant and exciting milestone, a tipping point if you will, into the next stage of development.  

Community transitions, be they by design or happenstance, often create an organic shift which spills in many directions.  

These shifts are healthy and necessary. They clear the stage for new cast members, foster unknown opportunities, and allow for the continuance of forward direction.  

My past six plus years in service to our chamber and this community have been a chapter filled with tremendous learning and growth.  

It has been my absolute pleasure to work alongside so many talented, driven, determined, thoughtful and passionate friends, neighbors, and like-minded citizens.

It is time for me to move on to the next chapter in my life.  

I will, with fondness and much respect, leave the position of Executive Director of the Oregon Chamber this month.  

I pledge to continue to give my very best as I fulfill the remainder of my time in service to our membership and this fabulous community.

With sincere thanks and gratitude to the countless people who have enriched my life along this journey.

Debbie Dickson


FHS football coach says thanks for successful season

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank the following people for their help in making the 2018 football season a memorable one for our team, players, and community. 

The success of the program this year and in the future is directly related to the support it receives from the community stakeholders and the school. 

The boys’ dominating performances en route to our third state title in five years is a reflection of the players’ dedication but also the strong support of their families, their school, and their community.

Thank you to the following:

Lane Schurr and the JH staff for the development of future Forreston Cardinals. 

Angie Janicke and Robin Kerchner for all their action packed photos throughout the season that captured the action, emotion, and passion found in high school football.

Brian Daws, Jen Nelson, Austin Howald, Austin LeClere, and the several freshmen football players for filming all varsity games.

Nina Moring, Katie Benning, Eric Katzenberger, Jennifer Timmer, and the Monroe Clinic for providing medical expertise and advice on our sidelines and during the week.

Mark Kuelling and Kirk Janicke for tallying statistics each and every game. Also for Steve Schwartz for helping out Week 1 of the playoffs with statistics. 

Josh Bolen for announcing our games with true Cardinal Pride.

Pam Greenfield, Joanne Becker, Travis Heinz, Christy Garnhart, Jonathan Schneiderman, and Superintendent Sheri Smith and the Forrestville Valley Board of Education for their support and commitment to providing high quality experiences for all our athletes and students.

Vikki Anderson and FHS cooks for helping with Mom’s Brunch and playoff breakfasts.

Laura Hillman, Cathy Williams, and all of our bus drivers who safely transported us to all our away events.

Hannah Kasten and the Dance Team for the half-time entertainment, and for teaching the boys a few moves before Homecoming. 

Lucia Heitter and the cheerleaders for the spirit, support, and Thursday treats. 

Forreston and Leaf River ambulance crews for all their service at HS and JH games. 

Jake Groom and Shawn Nelson for managing the scoreboard.

Chain gang for managing the sidelines in enemy territory.

Travis Cunningham and the FHS Band for providing a top notch National Anthem, pre-game, and half-time performance.

Mimmo’s Pizza for victory dinners during our playoff run. 

Varsity parents for preparing Thursday night dinners, pre-game travel bags, and Saturday morning “Victory” breakfasts.

Tammy DeVries and Sherri Badertscher for the communication and organizing with parents on decorations and dinners. 

Krista Carlson and her third grade class for their motivational video and handmade pictures.

The moms and dads of our players for cooking meals, washing clothes, and providing support to the young men of the football program.

Boosters for the tremendous concession stand and financial support of all our programs. Also to the help with the Tent City at the State Finals. 

Union State Bank, German American State Bank, Koeller Hardware, American Legion, American Legion Riders, Sons of American Legion, Jerry Daws, Kevin Johnson and Jimmy Johns, Pepsi, and Jeff Becker Farms for their donations to cover the cost of our trip to Champaign for the state championship game. 

Forreston State Bank for their generous donation to cover the cost of our charter bus to Champaign.

To our alumni who sent words of encouragement and motivation throughout our playoff run. 

Every football season is a memorable one, and this one was no different and yet special at the same time. 

The Forreston Football Program has experienced tremendous success and there are so many factors that contribute to our team’s long playoff runs. 

It is impossible to identify all the support and help it takes for our boys to proudly wear the red and black on Friday nights. 

Finally, the coaching staff would like to thank our families for allowing us the luxury of coaching high school football. 

Forreston Strong,

Kyle Zick

Varsity Football Coach

Forreston High School

Man says Oregon has too many restaurants

Dear Editor,

My name is John Stephen Moehle and I grew up in Oregon.

I see that another restaurant has closed in town and right now the community has too many restaurants.

Oregon is a small community and I am happy the other restaurants are able to stay open.

I also see that another business if going to open — Blackhawk Nutrition — and I wish them a lot of luck.

I hope the community supports them.

John Stephen Moehle

Vernon Hills

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