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Letters to the Editor

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Opt for respect and kindness

Dear Editor,

What has happened to empathy, honesty, integrity, and civility in our country?  

As a parent, grandparent, retired teacher, and Christian, I ask, “Can you look your child in the eye and approve, excuse, or condone the language and behavior of our leadership in Washington?”

Whichever political party you support I hope you will consider adopting my slogan -ORK - Opt for Respect and Kindness.

A Concerned American, 

Bonnie Mueller


Republicans protect the wealthy

Dear Editor,

Adam Kinzinger and the Republican Party recently sent a campaign flyer listing some highly exaggerated health care claims. 

Now that polls show coverage of pre-existing conditions to be an important campaign issue, Republicans are backing this provision, though they strongly opposed it as part of the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care). 

Republicans also fail to mention that the U.S. is the only nation among the 34 wealthy nations in the OECD that does not provide healthcare coverage for all of its citizens, thanks to Republican resistance.  

U.S. care of the elderly, both income security and medical care, ranks 20th and below (Global Age Watch). 

U.S. life expectancy ranks 50th among all nations (CIA figures), partly due to affordability and availability of healthcare.

Make no mistake, the bottom line with Kinzinger and the Republican Party is the protection of the very wealthy and big business, including large financial institutions. 

Trump made a campaign promise of tax breaks for the middle class, but the biggest breaks went to corporations and the wealthy. Republicans claim that the wealth will “trickle down,” yet wages are stagnant.  

The U.S. already has 49 percent of millionaires worth 50 million or more, and middle class wealth has decreased from 62 percent in 1970 to 43 percent in 2014 (Pew Research). 

The Republican party, the “Grand Old Party of Lincoln,” surely isn’t what it used to be.  

Delmar Lohr


Polo Lifeline seeks donations for Thanksgiving meals

Dear Editor,

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we are making plans for a celebration, making the guest lists, picking out our favorite recipes to share with family and friends, and making sure we don’t forget anyone. 

So I’m asking our community not to forget those less fortunate than ourselves.  

Every year the Polo Lifeline Food Pantry provides over 100 turkey dinners to families in our community than are having trouble making ends meet.  

We have been able to do this every year because of the generosity of community.  

I know you will all make that possible again this year. $16 is all it takes to sponsor a family.  

So I’m asking for your help once again. 

Donations can be dropped off during our business hours, Tuesday and Saturday 9 a.m. to 11:30 or by mail at 113 N. Green Ave., Suite A, Polo IL 61064.  

We can accept donations for this thanksgiving drive through the end of the year. 

Polo Lifeline is completely self-funded and exists solely on donations.  

We appreciate each and every donation, no matter how big or small.  

From myself and our volunteers I’d like to extend our warmest wishes to everyone during the upcoming holidays.


Kathy Wragg


Polo Lifeline Food Pantry

Mt. Morris Farmers Market has a successful season

Dear Editor,

The 2018 Mt. Morris Farmer’s Market season has ended and we would first like to thank Union Savings Bank for so graciously allowing us to hold the market in the parking lot and grassy area at Hitt and Wesley. 

It is the perfect place for visibility, setting up, and customer accessibility. 

It was a good year and we thank all of our loyal customers who patronized the market from June until early October.  

We had a good year with some new vendors, new customers heading to the concerts, and increased customers just wanting to partake of what we had to offer – including those traveling through town on Highway 64 and local campers.  

Special thanks to our special events people: Larry & Sandra from Sugar Grove for their homemade ice cream and vintage scoop display and the Gouda Girls from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

We have even more special events planned for the 2019 season!  

We appreciate Sally Gray for checking on us each week and Larry [Ubben] announcing the market at the concerts. 

Major thanks go to our loyal vendors who came with their goods each week in the heat, sometimes rain, and even braved the onslaught of those nasty gnats and mosquitoes!

Thanks — Rhonda’s Jewelry, Howlett Hillside Farm, Red Barn Farm, Hough’s Maple Lane, Jan’s Jams/Jellies & More, Diane’s Plants, Poppen’s Produce, and any other short-timers who spent an afternoon/evening with us. You are what makes this happen! 

Thanks again to all of our loyal weekly customers because without each of you it would be a pretty slow market.  

Looking forward to seeing everyone in 2019!

Jan Hough 

Mt. Morris Farmer’s Market Group

Sponsors of Halloween events are thanked

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank the generous sponsors of our recent Halloween events.  

Many of our special events, such as the Halloween Carnival and Canine Costume Contest, are free to the community.  

We would not be able to host these wonderful and popular events without the help of our local businesses.  

Pines Meadow Vet Clinic and A Furry AffHair sponsored this year’s Canine Costume Contest.

Raffle prizes, trinkets and/or cookies were donated for the carnivals by The Flower Patch, Father & Son Pizza, LOMC, White Pines Dude Ranch, Merlin’s Greenhouse, Hazels, DQ, Town & Country Lanes/Plum Hollow Family Center, McDonalds, Hoppers Poppers, White Pines Skating Rink, the Discovery Center, the Village Bakery, Jen’s Artisan Bread, AMC, Bear Moon Soap, the Oregon Soap Shoppe, Subway, Jay’s Drive-In, White Pines Inn Gift Shop, Volcano Falls and the Village of Progress.  

The support from businesses was amazing! More than 270 children were able to enjoy the morning and afternoon carnivals. 

A third carnival was added this year for those with special needs. There were 40 participants from the Village of Progress and OCEC that enjoyed their carnival experience.  

Thank you also to our 50 volunteers who worked the three carnivals.  

These generous individuals were the key to our success. No words can thank them for their time and giving spirits.

I can’t find the words to express my gratitude for the businesses that support the Oregon Park District. 

Many of our local businesses in Oregon continue to sponsor or donate to the Park District knowing the local children will benefit from their generosity

Debbie Leffelman

Event Coordinator

Oregon Park District 

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