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World Series was tiring - but jubilant - process

By Betty Obendorf


Polo Historical Society

The win was unbelievable and an exhausting process.  

Never again will we approach another World Series with such enthusiasm and end up with absolute fatigue like we did.  

The next night we went to bed at eight o’clock and slept through until eight the next morning. We have never done that before.

When my brother Dave called the next day I told him each game had me wondering what rabbit they were going to pull out of a hat. 

He replied, “There were a lot of rabbits pulled out of a hat!”  

He also felt each game was mentally exhausting so it was not just us. 

With each win all the family would check in with us and even the last grandchild became a big Cubs fan with her Arietta shirt. 

Lily and her family joined us on that Wednesday night for the last game. 

She could not wait until the end when she was certain the Cubs would win. 

Then with her grandpa she would pull apart the goat that had been given to him several years ago.

Then when the rain delay came the O’Connor family had to head for home and it looked like big rain was coming in. 

The Cubs did not look to be in the best spot, we were quite tired, and we would just take a nap for a while. Who knew that rain delay would last just 17 minutes. 

When the phone rang, I shouted out, “They have won.” 

We were up immediately to answer all the phone calls from the family and to watch the celebration as it started. 

Later we did see the part we had missed in the game. 

Louis, another grandchild, was outside of Wrigley Field waiting for a big celebration with thousands of others.

Louis spent a lot of his time at Wrigley Field during his college years and got familiar with many of the ballpark people.

Then when he went to work, time became a premium and those early days soon became something in the past. 

But all the hype of the last couple of weeks drew him once more to the place he had loved in past years. He sent us the picture following the big win.

On Friday we watched the parade and enjoyed all the historic festivities. 

We could hardly believe the people along the parade route, all the people downtown, and the thousands that turned out in Grant Park. 

It was totally awesome just to see this great mass of people. 

Now as the announcers dissect all the parts of all the games and show the big plays, we can sit back and enjoy those moments without our hearts beating so rapidly. 

We also have regained our lost sleep, have something to watch on TV, and think of the books and DVDs for Christmas gifts. 

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