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Timberlake production will entertain all ages

Dear Editor,

Run! Don’t walk! To see Timberlake Playhouse’s production of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” which is being featured through June 16.   

I thought the show would be mainly for children but I believe adults will enjoy it even more.  

The special effects include more flying (err….swimming) than in Peter Pan, amazing staging techniques, outstanding voices, delightful dancing, and ingenious costumes. 

Congratulations to Timberlake’s staff and cast for this spectacular entertainment. 

Julia B. Hammer


Chana School Museum annual sale was successful

Dear Editor,

The Chana School Museum’s annual rummage sale was an event that brought many folks out regardless of the bad weather.

There were smiles on many faces as young and old found treasures to take home.

The funds raised this year were the greatest yet of the 20-plus years of organizing and running the sale.  

Why was the sale a major success?  Was it the bad weather that brought people out knowing that the Oregon Coliseum would shelter the event, or the incredible donations at bargain prices that attracted the buyers. Maybe both!  

Regardless, the Oregon Coliseum was packed to just about overflowing with a variety of items. The sale had even unusual things like a “suitcase table” and an expensive electric self-raising computer table.

Thanks to Kathy and George Bouska there was an enormous offering of teaching materials for teachers and parents. 

Plants sold quickly and were donated to the sale by Tim and Penny O’Rourke, Earlyne Warmolts, Jennifer Kaffenbarger, and me.  

This event was a success for several reasons. First, it generated funds that help maintain the old 1883 schoolhouse. 

The Chana School Museum runs totally on donations and grants. Volunteers saved the school, restored it, run programs for children, and maintain the building.

The second reason the sale was a success was that there were items brought to the sale that could be used at the museum, such as vintage clothing, office supplies, and a 42-inch flat screen TV.  

The third reason this event was a success was the fact that people met people and had a good time. 

Everyone enjoyed the community spirit that was generated.  

Customers were happy getting a super deal.  

Volunteers gained a remarkable feeling of making a difference by organizing an event, making the selling area well arranged to attract buyers, and providing an opportunity for folks to visit with one another.  

Thanks to the City of Oregon, the Chana School Foundation was able to use the Coliseum again this year for this fundraiser. 

The location is perfect for people coming into town for groceries and other tasks or the folks passing through town using highways 2 and 64 who can easily see that there is an event going on at the Coliseum.

Thanks also goes to the newspapers for their great coverage to get the word out to all their readers, Merlin’s Greenhouse for their donation, all the businesses that allowed posters to be displayed before the May 24 and 25 event, the volunteers who were busy for five days dealing with various aspects of the event, and all those who provided items for the sale.  

It is amazing that the castoffs of one person can be a treasure to someone else and even benefit a cause.

Connie Stauffer

Chana School Foundation

LR Lions Club says thanks for support of festival

Dear Editor,

The Leaf River Lions want to thank all of the supporters of Leaf River Summer Daze. Even the weather supported our weekend!  

Also thanks to all of the other Leaf River organizations that contributed to all the events that were available.  

The Leaf River Busy Beavers, Mary Martha Club, River Valley Complex, the Leaf River Firemen’s Association, as well as the Forreston FFA Alumni.  

Thanks also to the Bertolet Memorial Library as well as the Bertolet Foundation.  

Without community support festivals like ours would not be able to continue.

The Lions want to specifically acknowledge those that contributed to our fireworks, either as individuals or organization, you help is greatly appreciated.  

First all of those “anonymous” donators that put money in the can at our breakfasts, the Mary Martha Club, Leaf River Grange, Jerry Wickam American Legion and Chuck and Deb Buser. Thanks so much!

I could go on and mention numerous individuals for their participation and selfless time they’ve given, but I’m afraid I’d miss someone, and you know who you are. Thanks!  

And for those of you that did not attend any of the Summer Daze events, it was your loss.  

Communities the size of Leaf River need everyone to be working and supporting each other.  

Without that type of support, events like Summer Daze will eventually be lost.

The Lions Raffle winners are: $500 to Ellie Wells, $100 winners were David Clearwater, Linda Schreiber, and Stephanie Wheeler. 

The $100 Eickman’s gift certificate was won by Caleb Worley.  

The overnight stay at White Pines Lodge went to Connie Hartje.

Shirley Barber won the $50 prize and Kathy Wilken won the Mary Kay gift basket.  

Jim Kuntzelman won the table runner, and Chile Peppers certificates were won by Kelda Wagner and Laura Werner.  

The Fibbers Bar & Grill certificates were won by Gary Melvin and Jared Patterson.

Once again, thanks for your support.

Paul Lindstrom

Leaf River Lions Club

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