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Warner's achievements earn her the Robert Moehle Award

VOP holds 49th awards banquet

Three years ago, Angela Warner had to use a wheelchair because of her bad hips, and nearly was blind from cataracts in both eyes.

As she walked to the stage Oct. 17 to receive the Robert Moehle Personal Achievement Award, evidence of those ailments was long gone.

Tom Wadsworth summarized her progress in a few simple words: "She looks like a new woman!"

"Me?!" she replied.

"Yes, you!," he retorted.

Warner was one of 11 award winners recognized at the 49th annual Village of Progress awards banquet.

As Wadsworth presented her with her plaque, the nearly 300 people at St. Mary's Learning Center erupted in applause.

"Angela has endured a lot of changes in the past four years, and she has conquered every one of them," he said.

Warner moved into the village's Hammer Terrace from a nursing home in Rockford in April of 2014. Since eye and hip surgeries between 2015 and 2017, she's been able to work on Wahl Clipper, play games, and constantly be on the move.

Moehle, for whom the award is named, was a member of the VOP board of directors for 36 years, starting in year one; he was the longest-serving board member in its history.

The award is given to those who enrolled in the village's developmental training program and, in spite of obstacles, exhibited persistence and a willingness to succeed.

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