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Big sis flies home early to surprise brother at football game

Game attire included a Marco-colored tutu

It wasn’t hard to find Aesia Coffey at the Marcos’ football game in Orangeville last Saturday.

All one had to do was look for the girl with the bright blue hair and the blue and gold polka dot tutu.

“That’s my brother,” the 30-year-old yelled when her brother Jace, a junior on the Polo football team, made a tackle.

Aesia, who is stationed in Belgium with the U.S. Navy, surprised her mom, dad, and Jace when she arrived back home in time to make the Marcos’ first football game of the 2018 season.

“I was supposed to fly in today (Aug. 25) but I changed my flight so I could make the game today,” said Aesia. “My sister, Rhiannon, knew what I was doing, but no one else in my family did.”

“She just showed up when we started to pull out of our driveway this morning to go to the game,” said Aesia’s mom, Judy.

“Judy called for me and I thought she needed something and then I saw Aesia,” said Aesia’s dad, Jim.

She surprised Jace during his warm up for the game. “He was speechless,” said Aesia. “He just gave me a big old hug.”

Arriving in time wasn’t the end of the surprise. After searching the internet for the appropriate game apparel, Aesia wore a multi-colored wig, a gold football jersey with her brother’s name and number 31 on it, shiny gold tights, matching blue tennis shoes, and of course, the tutu.

She stood along Polo’s sideline with her mom and dad in the 90-degree heat and high humidity.

“Everything was from Amazon except for the jersey. It took awhile before I could find everything in the right colors, but eventually I did, even the shoes,” Aesia said flashing the nifty footwear.

Aesia’s sister, Rhiannon who is also the Marcos’ volleyball coach, was in on the surprise and helped co-ordinate the feat from her home in Dixon. Rhiannon was coaching a tournament on Saturday and couldn’t make the football game.

“My sister is the only who knew,” said Aesia who is home for three weeks to attend her sister’s wedding.

“This is the first school event for Jace that Aesia could come and watch,” said Judy.

“I could not miss it,” Aesia said.

And Jace and the Marcos did not disappoint. They came back from a 16-point deficit to win the game 34-31.

After the game, Aesia chased Jace down to give him several more boisterous hugs.

“I was extremely happy to see her,” said Jace after his big sister caught him in the end zone.

He said, however, that he was not surprised by her attire.

“I wasn’t surprised too much, cause she always looks goofy,” he said smiling and running away again from Aesia.