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Letters to the Editor

Volunteers wanted for IREAD program

Dear Editor,

New phrases come along every so often to encourage us to think about our country, our community and our kids. Who will be in charge of our future?  

Today’s youth are the answer to so many future concerns. We want our communities to be strong and economically viable. 

We want our schools to produce capable and productive students.  

We need not only our kids to succeed in school but also be emotionally capable of dealing with daily challenges.  

Oregon Elementary School offers a program known as I READ. 

The program begins with kindergarten students and the children stay in the program through third grade.  

The idea being that being able to read at grade level at the end of third grade greatly improves a child’s future success in school and increases the statistical likelihood of high school graduation.  

This will be the fifth year of the program in Oregon. 

Volunteers from the community include people from local businesses, parents, retired people and couples.  

These volunteers come to school once a week and spend about 30 minutes, focusing on reading and other activities on a one on one basis.  

Each volunteer will be matched with a child to be their buddy for duration of the program.

Potential volunteers are encouraged to try out the program with the understanding it is not going to be a perfect fit for all. 

We appreciate the efforts of all the volunteers.  

Some volunteers are concerned they travel during part of the winter and will not be consistent.  

A volunteer for most of the school year is better than none.  

We will give some training on speaking with young children and how to be most productive with time.  

The children thrive with having an adult to call their own, have fun with, be encouraging. 

We are accepting applicants and encourage you to be part of the village, recognize our future and be part of a great community.  

I would be happy to speak with you about the program. 

New volunteers begin about six weeks into the school year.  

Returning volunteers can begin within a few weeks of the beginning of the school year.  

Lori Peterson

Oregon School District

IREAD Coordinator

Thanks to those who had part in Oregon Park District event

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank everyone who participated, volunteered and helped to make the 9th annual Oregon Park District Sprint and second annual Super Sprint Triathlon a success. 

One hundred sixty participants came out for a perfect morning to enjoy the park district’s pool and Oregon for running and biking.  

The event could not happen without almost 50 volunteers that came out early to put on this premier event. 

The park district is fortunate that many staff, families, friends, commissioners and community members volunteer step up to volunteer and allow the park district to put on many special events throughout the year. 

Special thank you to the City of Oregon for providing the barricades and shutting down the streets. 

Thank you to Oregon Fire Chief Michael Knoup and his crew for being on scene and ready to respond, Oregon Police Chief Darin DeHaan and his officers for traffic control on Ill. 64. 

Thank you to Athetico of Oregon for providing post-race stretching, Bruce from Shosies Cyclery, and to our timer Al Fielder at Tri-3 Sports Timing.

Athletes from Wisconsin, Indiana and Kansas as well as visitors from all over Illinois and many locals enjoyed not only our facility but the town of Oregon as well. 

Again, I thank everyone for making this triathlon another successful event for the Oregon Park District.

Jena Wehmhoefer

Aquatics Coordinator

Oregon Park District

Give Kinzinger a performance review on Nov. 6 election

Dear Editor,

Who is Adam Kinzinger’s boss? You are!  

You pay his $174,000 salary. You have sent him to Washington, D.C. the last six years to represent your interests.  

Yet, he feels no obligation to meet you in a public forum where you can ask questions that are of interest to you.  

Imagine telling your boss that you have no interest in hearing his opinions or thoughts about how you are doing your job.

Have you sent Rep. Kinzinger a letter or an email? Have you posted on his Facebook page about an issue that concerns you?  

Then you have received the same impersonal form letter response that I have. Clearly, he thinks he knows better than you, his boss, how to do his job.

You don’t have to put up with being represented in Congress by someone who has no interest in knowing who his boss is.  

You don’t have to put up with a Representative who doesn’t represent you, who takes his orders from people who have probably never been to the Sauk Valley.  

Please give Adam Kinzinger a serious performance review.  

You can terminate him for failure to perform on Nov. 6. I encourage you to do so.

Sharon McLane

Grand Detour

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