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Letters to the Editor

New Horizons solves problems

Dear Editor,

May is National Drug Court Month. The Ogle County New Horizons Drug Court is a problem solving court that has been operational for nine years. 

Drug Court takes qualifying subjects as an alternative to prison. 

The court is for non-violent offenders that are addicted to drugs and commit crimes because of their addiction. 

The program is a minimum of 14 months, up to several years.  

The program consists of probation and supervision, drug testing, drug treatment and incentives for goal accomplishment. 

The drug court has a much higher success rate than prison to not recommit. Not only are graduates functioning productive members of society, but we do not have to pay thousands of dollars to keep them in prison just to return to our community and re commit. 

I have been in law enforcement for 28 years and have not seen a better program to help addicts return to functioning productive members of society. 

The program is a lot of work for the judicial system and the participant, but I know of nothing more rewarding then seeing and hearing the graduates as they successfully move on to the next phase of their life. 

I want to thank probation and everyone who supports the program for their dedication. 

The program shows that when you hold people accountable and show them that you genuinely care for them they can be successful. 

Thank you, 

Scott Randels

Byron Police Lieutenant

Ogle County New Horizons Drug Court Advisory Board

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