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Letters to the Editor

Show respect for those who use white canes

Dear Editor,

With the coming of spring we have more people riding bikes, skateboard, roller blades and walking.

I have noticed that some on bicycles, skateboards, and some on roller blades do not pay any attention to the “Rules of the Road” nor the traffic around them.

A bicycle is supposed to be ridden on the right side of the road, single file, signal when turning and stopping, not riding two or three abreast in the middle of the road, weaving in and out of traffic.

Walkers who are walking their dogs - not a good idea to have them on that 10 foot leash - so far ahead of you…..dogs are supposed to walk by your side. Less danger of them being hit.

We also have another class of walkers - those with white canes - I have seen them on the sidewalk, in the stores and crossing the street.

They will use the “walk” signal at the intersections proper time crossing in the pedestrian crosswalk.

I have also seen drivers pull up close to them and even honk.

The white canes are special - the person carrying that cane is blind and should be shown respect.

Drivers should be aware that the bicyclists, skateboarders, and roller bladers are not paying attention, much less following the ruled of the road.

We can avert the tragedy of a person being hit and injured seriously if we would pay more attention, and practice courtesy to others.

I walk with a white cane.

Anne Jones


New Horizons Drug Court offers offenders second chance

Dear Editor,

I am a former prosecutor, associate judge, and practicing attorney and am writing this letter in support of the Ogle County New Horizons Drug Court.

This program began Aug. 1, 2009, as a rehabilitative alternative to addicted adults in Ogle County and the resulting impact of substance addiction on the criminal justice system.

History has shown that drug offenders are not rehabilitated in our prisons, but instead learn new methods from other offenders on how to feed their habit once they get out of prison and go back to their old lifestyles.

As an alternative to incarceration for nonviolent offenders who are addicted to substances, the New Horizons Drug Court requires intensive supervision by counsel, treatment providers, judges, the State’s Attorney, probation officers, law enforcement officers, and the program’s court coordinator who work together to monitor a participant’s recovery.

This is done by maintaining frequent drug testing and court appearances and implementing tightly structured treatment processes and recovery services.

This high level of supervision allows supervisors to react swiftly to impose appropriate sanctions or treatment changes, or to reinstate criminal proceedings when participants do not comply with the program.

Eligible drug-addicted persons may be sent to Drug Court in lieu of the traditional justice system process.

New Horizons Drug Court keeps individuals in treatment long enough to achieve recovery and sobriety while supervising them closely.

Participants do not graduate from the program until they complete all the requirements, which may take years.

As an advisory board member for the New Horizons Drug Court, I have witnessed the impact this program has had on the lives of many.

Our communities are fortunate to have this service available in Ogle County and your support is needed for the continuation of this valuable program.


Robin Minnis


Donate to Stamp Out Hunger on May 12

Dear Editor,

Saturday, May 12 will be the date for the 26th annual Letter Carriers Stamp Out Hunger food drive for local food pantries in our area.

Your letter carrier will pick up donated non-perishable food items at or around your mailbox in early morning on May 12.

These donated items will then be relayed to food pantry volunteers to sort and store.

Ogle County has food pantries in Oregon, Mt. Morris, Forreston, Polo, Stillman Valley, Byron, Davis Junction and Rochelle and there are many food pantries in the Sterling, Dixon, and Rock Falls area.

These pantries augment the food needs for those low-income families within their pantry areas.

With the economy making gradual gains in our area and the rising cost of food needs there still remains a pressing need for nutritional foods.

Low-income seniors, blended families and the disabled are most frequent pantry users.

Our most popular items are peanut butter, milk, canned soup, and canned fruit. And yes, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a glass of milk with maybe an apple and a few carrot sticks still make a pretty healthy lunch and all or some of these items can usually be found at your local food pantries.

Your help in making this a bounty for your local food pantry on Saturday, May 12 is needed and know that your help is greatly appreciated.

Marilyn Pazera

Food Drive Chairman

Loaves & Fish Food Pantry

Mt. Morris

Couple donates Phelps heirloom

Dear Editor,

We are excited to donate to the Ogle County Historical Society an heirloom from the original homestead of John Phelps.

The heirloom is the original smoke/cookhouse used during this timeframe.

We are hopeful that families and community members are able to enjoy this as much as we have.

Robert & Esther Mongan


2018 Festival of Hope was well supported

Dear Editor,

Our Festival of Hope, also known as the American Cancer Society Relay for Life was supported by many individuals as well as businesses in Ogle County and beyond.

A new fundraiser for the event was the Relay Food Wagon. It was a huge success because the following businesses generously made a contribution.

Byron: Aero, Costa’s, County Market, Dos Amigo’s, Felker Foods, Headon and Considine’s Meats, Sam’s, Subway, Spanky’s, Sunrise, Sweet Bean and Wheezy’s Sports Bar and Grill; Chana: The Chana Tap; Forreston: Mimmo’s; Leaf River: Fibber’s; Mt. Morris: Casey’s; Cimino’s, The Pepper Mill, Jen’s Artisan Breads, Sullivan Grocery; Oregon: Alfano’s, Breaker’s, Chili Peppers, Cork n Tap, Dairy Queen, Dos Amigo’s, Father and Son, Hazel’s, Hectors, Hopper’s Popper’s, Jay’s Drive In, Kaufman’s Super Value, MacDonald’s, Messenger’s, Scoops, Subway, Sunrise III, The Steak Pit, The Village Bakery, VFW, Rochelle: Tecalitlan Restaurant, Grubsteaker’s, The Cypress House; Stillman Valley: LaRosa’s Pizza & Pasta, Theo’s Thirsty Cow; and Winnebago: Toni’s.

And the winner of the Relay Food Wagon was Lynn Knodle.

Please continue to thank and support our businesses for what they do to generate critical revenues for cancer research, patient care, and education.

There will be a day when we hear “cancer is nonexistent!”

Thank you again for everyone that supported the American Cancer Society.

In appreciation,

Karen Virnoche


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