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Letters to the Editor

Oregon Together look back on past year

Vote for Wiesner

Dear Editor,

The new treasurer will be following one that has been in office nearly 20 years.

From all I can tell he’s done a good job, but it’s time for a change. Change is good.

Rather than have him replaced from someone who worked for him in the treasurer’s office, it makes sense to me to bring in an outsider.

We are fortunate to have Mr. [Patrick] Wiesner running for treasurer. 

I saw his ads and read about his experience, education, and certifications like CPA.

It’s hard to figure out how to vote most [of the] time. Not this time.

I’m voting for Wiesner.

Chad Worman


Vote for Beck

Dear Editor,

Linda Beck  is an asset to the Ogle County Treasurer’s office having served as chief deputy treasurer for over 11 years. 

During this time, I personally worked with Linda on inter-department accounting matters and found her knowledgeable and helpful. 

She always put forth the extra effort to come up with the proper answer. 

With her experience as chief deputy treasurer, Linda will hit the ground running as county treasurer.

Please join me in voting for Linda Beck for Ogle County Treasurer on March 20.

Curtis D. Cook


Wiesner is a


Dear Editor,

I’ve known Patrick Wiesner personally and professionally for over 20 years.  

Patrick has been a trusted professional partner for my financial planning practice for over a decade.

During my tenure with the Oregon Rotary Club I was able to partner with Patrick on numerous club projects, where I observed an organized and thoughtful community leader in action.

Patrick’s leadership was instrumental in helping our club promote meaningful and worthwhile civic service initiatives benefiting those less fortunate in our local community. 

Over the years, I’ve come to know Patrick as  a good listener, a confident and intelligent communicator, and someone who understands the importance of evaluating decisions in a fair and balanced manner.  

Patrick’s extensive professional credentials, practical real world business experience and his unique understanding of our community will enable him to effectively and fairly address the diverse and complex requirements of managing the people’s resources.   

Join me in supporting Patrick Wiesner as treasurer - a trusted steward who understand the importance of acting in the best interests of all concerned.

Kelly Johnson


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