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Letters to the Editor

Strohs will vote for Linda Beck

Dear Editor,

We noticed Mr. [Patrick] Wiesner’s campaign ad for county treasurer. His list of accomplishments is very impressive.

However, a list of degrees is not necessary for the job. It’s obvious others have done a fine job of keeping the courthouse office running without them.

We don’t see that he has ever worked at the courthouse in any capacity while his opponent Mrs. [Linda] Beck has been with the treasurer’s office for years and is presently deputy treasurer.

Since we prefer to vote for someone with experience and doesn’t need to be “trained,” we will be voting for Linda Beck.

She deserves the office.


Patricia Stroh

Glenn Stroh


Rotary Keeping Kids Warm 2017

Dear Editor,

The Oregon Rotary Club continued its Keeping Kids Warm program this year for the eighth year to help provide coats and boots for children in the Oregon School District and community. 

This year we were able to provide 111 pair of boots and 61 coats.  

The funds for this project come from the club’s annual Mark Twain Day held the first Saturday after Labor Day each year at Maxson’s Riverboat and Restaurant.  

Thank you to the sponsors and community members who donated to and attended this event.  

Thank you also to the Oregon Park District for providing a collection site at Nash Recreation Center for additional gently used winter clothing for children.

Don and Mary Jo Griffin


Corcoran wants group to form to protect students

Dear Editor,

I’m looking for a parent group to get together in order to protect our kids at school.

We need to gather ideas to implement a plan to ensure their safety.

If you are interested in participating, please call me at 815-440-2041.

Chris Corcoran

Mt. Morris

Moose Lodge has served area for 70 years

Dear Editor,

Sharing thoughts regarding Mt. Morris Moose Lodge 1551.

For seven decades the Moose has been serving people in Mt. Morris and area in more ways than space allows to list – and of course the great work done for children living at Mooseheart.

For 30 plus years, as members we have enjoyed various levels of service and social participation.

We have witnessed the efforts of so many people sharing their time and labor to help the lodge function through successful as well as challenging times.

Recently we have been most impressed with the extensive work being done by the board, staff and volunteers, as they have diligently worked at eliminating all debt, continuing much needed redecorating, updating heating and air conditioning and numerous other improvements through fund raising, etc.  

Along with all of that, the food being served these days is especially good!

We would like to encourage current less active members to revisit, as well as invite non-members to check out interest in membership, whether it be only for financial support and/or potential involvement of your choosing.

Many members of former generations have passed on and it is heartening to see more of the younger ones showing interest in building on the past efforts.  

Your support will be appreciated.

A great 70th birthday party is planned at the Lodge on March 24.  

We will be treated to the music of Lyle Grobe and the Rhythm Ramblers, and no doubt it will be a good time.

Thanks for your consideration.

Dave and Mary Jane Warkins

Mt. Morris

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