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Council approves liquor license

The Oregon City Council approved a liquor license for an new wine shop and art gallery.

During Tuesday evening’s meeting, the council voted unanimously to approve of a Class 1A liquor license for Cork & Tap, LLC, a soon-to-open business at 305 W. Washington St., Oregon.

With the license, Cork & Tap can both serve customers within the bar, as well as sell bottles to go.

The motion to approve or deny the license appeared on the Dec. 28 special meeting agenda, but was tabled because background checks had not yet been completed on Jason and Carrie O’Neil, who will be running the establishment, nor on Beth Davidson, the manager.

Commissioner Jim Barnes asked for clarification on whether that means unless the establishment plans to sell food as well, minors cannot be in the building without their parents.

“That’s correct - you can’t have minors serve, you can’t have minors bus the tables, any of that,” said Oregon Mayor Ken Williams.

The building, which will feature a wine and craft beer bar on the first floor and an art gallery on the second, was purchased Feb. 16 by Merlin and Cindy Hagemann, from Robert and Heather McLean, for $67,850.

“Merlin has put in considerable amount of money and effort in there, refurbishing it, and turning it into an impressive-looking building,” said Williams.

The council meets again on Tuesday, Jan. 23 at 5:30 p.m. at the Oregon City Hall, 115 N. Third St. The meeting is open to the public.

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