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Letters to the Editor

ecision to buy bank drive-thru questioned

Dear Editor,

Good grief! What is the mayor thinking? 

Or perhaps he had not thought this plan through at the beginning.  

I applaud Jim Barnes for his “no” vote” and was surprised Tom Izer agreed.  

It is too bad the mayor, does not take into consideration the history of this town, how and why things have been done this or that way and ask why something was changed.    

We have had public restrooms at Mix Park – great idea but what a disaster.  

Did the mayor check with [Street Superintendent] Mike Bowers on that before committing the city to this purchase?  

Not having a solid plan of how the building was to be used, what was involved in getting ready for public use can be a costly venture.  

Underground tanks? Any work done they should be removed! 

Who will maintain, clean and keep order not only in the building, but around the building?  

Was any of this considered? Or was this just a grand idea proposed by economic development committee to create a “comfortable” atmosphere for those visitors to the proposed new jail?  

Just who is running the city?  

Anne Jones


(Editor’s note: The Oregon City Council voted at a special meeting Dec. 28 to purchase the former Harvard State Bank drive-thru facility at 418 W. Washington St. Harvard State Bank, Stillman Bank, and Central Bank have agreed to pay for the property.) 

Church council offers its thanks

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the Community Council of Churches of Polo, I would like to thank all who helped make the 2017 Christmas Basket project a success.  

Many gave their time to deliver, pack, and sort food which ended with the delivering of the baskets.  

One hundred ninety-six baskets of food were given to families in the Polo area this year.  

We again were blessed with the generosity of Deuth Farms and others for the sausage and hams that were included in each basket.

Thanks to my committee who were a tremendous help during the organization process.  

Marla Buskohl


Faith United Methodist Church

Wreath program was a success

Dear Editor,

The “Keep the Wreath Red” campaign was a great success again this year thanks to all of the community’s hard work! 

The program is very simple, a wreath is placed on the front of the Mt. Morris Firehouse. 

The wreath was covered in red bulbs. If a fire occurs during the holiday season caused by holiday decorations, a bulb will be changed to white. 

Thanks to our safety conscious citizens we were able to keep the wreath red for the entire holiday season. 

The Mt. Morris Fire Department truly appreciates everyone’s help to make it another fire safe holiday season!

Rob Hough

Mt. Morris Fire Chief

Generosity made for joyful Christmas

Dear Editor,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you everyone who donated toys or monetarily to our annual Toys For Kids Campaign.  

Your generosity made a lot of children’s Christmas more joyful. 

We appreciate the community’s continued support in our endeavor for more than half a century. 

Special thank you to our “elves” at the DLR Junior High Builders Club for the financial support and all the help with the wrapping. 


Jason White & Rob Hough

Mt. Morris Police & Fire Departments

Moundertown makes donation to senior center

Dear Editor,

On Dec. 15, 2017, a community events website for the Mt. Morris community, made a generous donation to the Mt. Morris Senior Center. 

This donation was made possible because of the sponsorships made by the community businesses who know the importance of community events in Mt. Morris. 

Diane Palmer and Linda Miller, two hometown girls, have been very involved with various community events over the years and have a deep love for their hometown.

The Mt. Morris Senior Center focuses on the seniors in the Mt. Morris community providing services, programs and resources to the area’s 60-plus community that promote healthy aging and life-long learning, support independence and encourage involvement in community life.

Diane Palmer


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