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Letters to the Editor

​Enzler seeking more facts about new jail

Dear Editor,

The proposed size and location of the new jail lacks a factual basis.  

Of the seven Illinois counties that have a population no greater than twice that of Ogle, only one, in which a state prison is located, has a larger jail than that proposed in Ogle.  

Even the new jails being built in Adams and DeKalb Counties will have fewer beds than Ogle.  

Ogle County is losing population and the crime rate is decreasing. (See editor’s note below.)  

Why is the proposed jail to be almost doubled in size?  

It will also be used to temporarily house federal prisoners awaiting transfer to federal facilities and detainees awaiting deportation.  

In my opinion, this information has not been adequately publicized or addressed.  

The size and uses of this building make a small downtown residential location inappropriate and illogical.

As a city council member said, past experience is the best predictor of future experience.  

There are many “what ifs,” but what are the experiences that justify the size and location of this facility and rule out compromise and other options?  

The board made it clear they were seeking community input.  

The procedure for closing a street in Oregon was recognized and accepted by the county board.  

When a super majority vote was not reached, due to two council members listening to their constituents and other community members, the board chose to try to intimidate the city by threatening to sue it.  

The city council made a decision and the county board needs to accept it, even if it did not go the way they hoped.  

To do otherwise, is ignoring community input and undermining the democratic process.

Cindy Enzler


(Editor’s note: The Illinois State Police index crime offenses shows an increase in crimes committed in Ogle County from 2014 to 2015, which are the latest figures available.)

Thank you from Conover Square

Dear Editor,

As the owner of Conover Square, I deeply appreciate all the support from the community.  

The tremendous turnout at the flag dedication ceremony was a great way to bring the two-year Love Our Flag project to a close. 

I would like to thank all those who had a hand in helping with the repairs and siding of the south wall.  

The cost of removing the deteriorating stucco siding, repairing the structure underneath, and installing new siding was beyond the financial capability of Conover Square.  

Several years ago, I had the idea of creating a huge American flag on the south wall and after researching the siding options, determined that horizontal steel siding would be the most cost effective, low maintenance, long lasting material and would work best with the flag design.  

But that dream would not have been realized without the financial donations of Oregon citizens and businesses and the help of many volunteers. Commonwealth Edison created a safe working environment and Tip Top Roofing & Construction did a great job with the repairs and siding installation. 

The Hands On Oregon group was instrumental in getting the project completed and a very generous anonymous donor made it all possible. 

Again, I want to sincerely thank each and every person who helped in any way, no matter how large or small the contribution of time or funds.

I hope the whole community will enjoy the sight of our great American flag and that it will be a grand landmark for visitors and residents to see as they cross the bridge into Oregon.

And may it also be a symbol of our appreciation for all veterans and for all those serving in the military who keep us safe and free. 

God bless the United States of America!

Thanks again, 

Lou Vander Wyst


Lifeline says thank you

Dear Editor,

We wish to thank the Autumn on Parade Committee for choosing Lifeline to be a Unit of Honor and the plaque they presented to us.

We were surprised and sincerely appreciate the honor. Thank you.

We are very thankful for our volunteers and the great people that service on our board.


Sharon Wallace


Lifeline Food & Self Help Project

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