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Letters to the Editor

Oregon commissioner responds to guest column

Dear Editor,

I felt I had to respond to Mr. Colson’s [Ogle County Board member Ron Colson] editorial.

I wonder where he is getting his 99 percent that favor the jail to be built on Sixth Street.

He surely has not talked to many who live in Oregon or the area around Oregon.

Yes, the county did have meetings in several cities. We were told we want to get your response. We will even ask for your blessings.

Then they found out that they did not get their way with the Oregon City Council. 

So now they say we would like to negotiate with the city to get then to see things our way — but if we don’t get what we want we will sue the city.

Now last week I read in the paper that the county is looking at about one million in the red, but they can hire a high-priced law firm from Chicago.

I think you will find that the few are instead a few hundred in and around Oregon who are against the jail on Sixth Street.

We have never been against the jail — it is needed — but not where you want to put it, in our business district and our residential area.

The county has property on Pines Road where the jail could be built. Transporting [prisoners] a few blocks is not that expensive.

Now I am sure there will be a multitude of jails built in the next few years, and folks will be coming to check out the jail in Oregon.

They may even stay a few days to study the jail and spend some money.

All of you folks who have called or talked to me about not wanting that jail in our downtown or residential area, maybe should call Mr. Colson to show that there are more than a few who are against the Sixth Street location.

Jim Barnes

Oregon City Commissioner

Member of vocal group speaks out

Dear Editor, 

I am a member of “small, but vocal and infinitesimal contingent that imagines all manner of negative outcomes...” and I take exception to the statement the Ogle County Board listened to comments voiced at public meetings, heeded the 522 signatures of the petitions, and considered suggestions for alternate locations for the propose jail. 

I agree, we need a new jail, but not on Sixth Street! 

The objections are based on chosen location – in the middle of a residential area, one block from two churches, two blocks from the business district.

Residents will have to deal with noise, disruption, traffic, 24 hour lights, all adding to the undesirability of the chosen location.  

Time for the Ogle County Board to look for a better location and smaller building plan. 

The property on Pines Road offers good traffic flow, utilities, room to expand if the need arises and you are not locked into one block.  

Consider this as you plan and look closer at this. 

As for fiscal responsibility, the red ink speaks for itself, taxpayer’s money is not a “honey pot” as some board members think.

Yes, I agree, we need a new jail, but not one that will cater to the federal demands for space, and destroy a neighborhood. Not on Sixth Street!

When visitors come to Oregon, what pictures do they take?  

The courthouse, the statues, the memorials, Conover Square not the jail nor the judicial building.

One final note, I am very proud to be a member of “that small, but vocal infinitesimal contingent that imagines all manner of negative outcomes...” and everyone who has supported us!    

Yellow ribbons anyone? 

Anne Jones


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