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Letters to the Editor

Barnhart inspired community

Dear Editor,

This is a note of thanks and appreciation to Jon Barnhart for his contributions to the people of our community.

Jon - Your tremendous knowledge of nature, your artistic ability and the special programs which you have shared with us through the years were to every enjoyable to so many people of all ages.

You inspired us to get involved, to ride our bikes or walk instead of using our cars.

Your enthusiasm and presence at all activities was, and still is, a great motivation to many.

When anyone needed help with a bike or needed an orange caution flag for safety, you were available to offer your time and assistance.

Your happy enthusiastic personality is a joy to behold and I and my friends, as well as the children to whom you gave so readily of your time, miss your presence on the streets of Oregon and your involvement in so many activities.

Thanks ever so much for your wonderful and very meaningful contributions to the people of our community.


Marine Kuethe


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