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Letters to the Editor

Stop destruction of historic monuments

Dear Editor,

I’m sure you have seen the latest news topic, which is plastered in the headlines of current broadcasts, articles and papers.

More specifically, I am addressing the destruction, demolition and defacing of historic Confederate statues throughout America by riots and social movement groups.

In 31 of the 50 states there are memorial statues for several confederate generals, leaders, and soldiers.

For example, in Chicago a statue of Abraham Lincoln was set on fire.

Is this how we show respect to one of our forefathers?

Although, there has been a lot of conflict and negative feelings building up towards these monuments over the last several years, it wasn’t until a few short days ago that disrespectful and anger-fueled destructive actions took place.

Why do we think we can just erase a major step in our history?

Are we not supposed to commemorate the successes we have conquered together as a country?

Are we supposed to stop the celebration of holidays as a whole?

I am a strong believer in the quote said by Winston Churchill, “A nation that forgets its past has no future.”

The past is the past. It has paved the way to our future.

If everything was easy and handed to us, how would we grow as a nation?

It takes dedication, perseverance, and an open mind to grow and prosper as a whole and even individually.

If we want to continue to grow as one nation we need to stop living in the past and start working towards the future.


Chris Corcoran

Mt. Morris

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