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Congressman Kinzinger speaks at Lunch n Learn

Issues statement on on North Korea Sanctions Aug. 7

Congressman Adam Kinzinger (Ill.-16) sppke briefly to a crowd of around 40 people at the Oregon Chamber of Commerce’s Lunch n Learn on Aug. 4 in Oregon.

Kinzinger touched on current topics after hearing a few questions from audience members regarding health care, International relations, global warming, the political climate among polititicians, and the economy.

“It’s good to have spirited debate, but there are areas where we can find come common ground. There’s got to be compromise on both sides,” he said regarding politicians working together. “We should never let policies get personal, they need to be professional.

“Three are a whole lot of reasons for Americans to be optimistic,” he said.

On Aug. 7, Kinzinger released the following statement regarding the United Nations vote to further sanctions on North Korea and the threats of retaliation from the Kim regime: 

“I’m pleased to seethe United Nations voted 15-0 for sanctions on North Korea over the weekend,” said Kinzinger in a press release. “It’s critical that China takes a larger role in stopping the North Korean aggression and missile programs, and their vote in favor of tighter sanctions on North Korea is a very good start on that mission.

“Unsurprisingly, Kim Jong-Un has vowed to retaliate against the United States. While we must do more to build up our defenses and our detection technology, it is also critical that we have the international community supporting us and our efforts in thwarting North Korea’s use of ballistic weapons,” Kinzinger said.

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