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Letters to the Editor

support on jail

Dear Editor,

Surprise, surprise — I now know that there were many, many more opposed to the jail downtown than those who signed the petitions or spoke against it.

The calls, the emails, the personal thanks from folks that were not at the meetings after the vote shows me there were many, many more against it than even I thought.

Their thanks to [Oregon City Commissioner] Tom [Izer] and I for standing up against the jail downtown is appreciated.

I also want to thank all you folks that were with us in this fight.

We were accused of not having all the facts and not knowing enough to base our decision on.

We had the facts and our constituents had the facts also.

Don’t close Sixth Street and don’t build the jail in our downtown and residential area. 

Now what other facts did we need?

The county board feels it can decide what is best for Oregon, and we must abide by it or else.

The people of Oregon and the Oregon area do not want that jail in the planned area. 

Are all of us wrong? But not the county board?

I think this is still a free country, but some feel we should not go against the big government (mainly the county board)— sorry, not my way of thinking.

Again thanks to all of you great citizens that have helped and inspired us.

We enjoy hearing from you and we listen to you.

Jim Barnes

Oregon City Commissioner 

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