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Yard sale raises $155K for cancer research

Dear Buffaloes,

Where do “The Buffaloes” come from? Everywhere! 

We decide whoever supports us will be a part of our Relay for Life team. 

We chose the name because the buffalo is a survivor and does not give up easily. 

The Breast Yard Sale did not give up either. 

Every year for 15 years, we received donations so that we could raise money for those traveling that road with the diagnosis of cancer, caring for someone with cancer, patient education and cancer research.

We know that everyone likes to shop and get something of value for a great price. 

The sale was the place for finding something unusual, a hidden treasure or just a much needed household or personal item. 

2017 was another great year. We raised $16,243.54 and reached a milestone of $155,608.15 in 15 years. 

Thank you everyone that has supported this event.

The American Cancer Society has been working to end cancer for more than a century. 

We are not there yet but the ACS has made some incredible progress thanks to the support from all of you. 

The money raised at the sale provides support to people in every community that is impacted by cancer. 

Researchers funded by the ACS have won Nobel prizes 48 times in the past 70 years. 

Every known method of detecting cancer (including ultrasound, MRI’s, CAT scans, mammograms and PET scans) were discovered by researchers who received ACS research grants. 

Your money is spent carefully. 

The ACS receives the highest ratings from all philanthropic, watch dog groups and has been recognized by many magazines for it efficient use of funds.

$4.5 billion has been invested in research since 1946, making the ACS the largest, non-profit, non-governmental funder of cancer research in the USA. 

15.5 million survivors are alive in the USA today, thanks to their work and your support. 

4.5 million free nights have been provided to cancer patient and their caregivers at Hope Lodge facilities while they receive treatment far from home. 

7.6 million free rides to treatment have been provided for cancer patient by the ACS volunteers (you can be a volunteer – call for info.) 

The American Cancer Society is dedicated to continuing the fight until cancer is no longer a health problem.

Besides supporting the American Cancer Society this year, you were also able to help Angels Treasure, The Shed, Habitat for Humanity, Rockford Rescue Mission, Pinecrest Community, Oregon Park District, Samaritan’s Purse, and a Haiti Mission as we depleted the inventory from the sale. 

We will look back on this sale with a smile and great feeling of accomplishment but will also miss the people that we saw every year. Even though this was the last Breast Yard Sale, we will continue to have small sales on an annual basis. 

Thank you once again for making this event the success we never envisioned.

With humble gratitude,

Karen Virnoche and James Brown


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