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Polo boys squeak past Amboy 3-2

Joey Bardell and Cooper Blake
Joey Bardell and Cooper Blake

Polo seventh and eighth grade boys traveled to Amboy for a rescheduled game July 1. It was a beautiful day for a baseball game.

Polo started inning with Gavin Zell getting a free ride to first base.

Cooper Blake shot a hard single to right center field to score Zell and the only run in the inning.

Amboy tied up the score at 1 in the inning.

Polo’s pitcher Colton Gunder had to adjust to the pitching mound on unfamiliar field and ended up doing just that and getting two strikeouts in the inning.

The other out was a catch by Spencer Scott at third base.

Polo brought in two more runs in the seconnd inning. Joey Bardell started inning with a single.

Tyler Merdian and Logan Kindle got two consecutive walks to load the bases, but Amboy got force out at home.

Bases were still loaded for Scott and he knocked two runs in with a single.

Amboy were unable to capitalize in the second. Gunder had two strikeouts and Bardell made a difficult catch moving from second base to right field.

The third inning was a tight one defensively for both teams as it was scoreless for both.

Blake got another single and stole second base but got caught going to third.

He didn’t have an pretty slide but did touch back of bag.

Amboy was short-handed with umpires and working with one at home plate without great spot to call play.

The first batter for Amboy hit one and toss to first did not make it in time but first baseman Blake tagged runner attempting to round first.

Umpire said that was not rounding the base but discovered that the batter was using an illegal bat and was out for that.

Gunder had another strikeout, and Zell caught a pop fly at shortstop position.

The fourth and fifth innings were also quick innings for both teams.

Merdian got walked, but was unable to get home to score in the fourth and the same happened to Gunder in the fifth.

Gunder got an additional four strikeouts in the innings. Other plays from Polo were Scott at 3rd base to Blake at first, and another catch by shortstop Zell.

Polo did not score in the sixth.

Bardell hustled to first but was unable to beat the throw.

Gunder got three strikeouts — both forward and backwards Ks but Amboy was able to score a run to bring score to 3-2 Polo.

Amboy held Polo scoreless with three quick strikeouts.

Polo brought in Zell in relief for Gunder.

Zell got one strikeout and two made two batters swing to have small hits and plays from Scott at third and Gunder at shortstop to Blake at first.

The final score was 3-2 Polo.

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