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Letters to the Editor

Make sure the gate is latched

Dear Editor,

I would like to make a plea to all who use the Oregon Park District Wiggly Dog Park. 

We have been using the facility for quite a while and enjoy taking our dogs there almost daily. 

Today one of our dogs escaped as another dog was walking by. 

We concluded that someone must not have fully latched the exit gate when they left because everything was secure when we realized she got out. 

Luckily everything turned out okay, but please, when leaving, give a tug and make sure the exit gate is locked. 

The gate posts do move so sometimes it is difficult for the electronic latch to catch. 

We notified the park district so they’re going to work on realigning the fence posts, but if the actual latch is laying down and you let it close on its own, the electronic latch will not catch. 

If you are going into the park be sure to check that exit gate so nobody gets out again! 


Sherrie Taylor


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