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Letters to the Editor

State lawmakers praised

Lawmakers praised

for supporting the 9-1-1 user fees

Dear Editor,

The Ogle County 9-1-1 system and board would like to thank the following legislators from our area for their support of the and the passage of our 9-1-1 legislation this past week in Springfield.

Senate Bill 1839 allowed the continuation of 9-1-1 users fees which was set to end on June 30. This bill also increased the much needed user fee to $1.50 per line per month.

This increase is much needed to continue forward with 9-1-1 and to move to more current and reliable technology.

The new technology will allow people to text message to 9-1-1 for assistance.

This is very much needed in the hard of hearing or deaf, speech impaired, domestic violence situations, and any situation that it could cause harm to a person to talk when calling 9-1-1.

Senator Syverson, Senator Bivins, Representative Cabello, Representative Demmer, Representative Stewart, and Representative Wallace were all willing to take their time and speak with us and voted yes for this necessary piece of legislation.

If you happen to see them or want to thank them for their service, please do.

Sandy Beitel

Ogle County 9-1-1 Coordinator


Illinois Chapter of the National Emergency Number Association

New jail will create distrust

To the Oregon City Council, and Ogle County Board members,

Consider this future scenario, please.

The jail has been built, creating a full block of brick, sidewalk to sidewalk.

The traffic is 24 hours and the neighbors wonder if they will every get a full night’s sleep without lights shining in their rooms.

They also wonder what kind of prisoners are being brought to the jail. Federal? Local? From what town are they being transferred and for how long?

The once friendly, open City of Oregon has changed to wariness of strangers here to visit at the jail.

The wariness gives way to distrust of the county board. What homes will they take next, and how far will they go?

There was no consideration given to the town as a whole and the impact the jail would have when the county decided to build on Sixth Street, but it changed the atmosphere of the whole town, where once there was openness and expectation of growth and new business, there is now a sense of distrust, disillusionment and a sense of loss.

It seemed the petitions, public meetings were not important enough for consideration.

Have our elected and appointed officials forgotten their purpose to serve the people, to set aside their e.g. and do the best job they are charges to do - to give citizens, taxpayers, and voters the best for all and the town.

To those who cared, Jim, Tom, Jeff, and Joe, thank you!

Anne Jones


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