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Letters to the Editor

Questions jail site

Dear Editor,

As a citizen of Oregon who currently lives close to the proposed new jail site, I would hope that more people living within the city would question the aesthetics regarding its planned location.

The City of Oregon has many things going for it — excellent, well-maintained parks, small businesses that continue to make a go of it (Conover Square), great police and fire departments, a renovated library, and for the most part caring and understanding citizens.

Outside interest shouldn’t influence decisions to build the new jail since we the citizens of Oregon will have to deal with the end results.

One final point — while the expansion and remodeling of Super Valu and Snyder’s offers more convenience to its customers, one may call into question costs associated with these projects as they relate to prices of goods and services offered to consumers.


John Spaine


Lifeline says thanks to Trail Riders

Dear Editor,

Id like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to some good folks who are new community supporters.  

The Polo lifeline Food Pantry and the Dixon Food Pantry were recently gifted with very generous $1,800 donations to both pantries.

This donation was made possible by a fundraiser created by the Blackhawk Trail Riders.

These good folks are now using the trail system to travel from Dixon up to Polo on their ATVs.

In particular I’d like to thank Mark Imfeld for his never-ending enthusiasm for the Polo businesses, and the very generous support of the food pantries and other charitable organizations.

It is my understanding that they plan on continuing to hold fundraisers benefiting a different organization each time.

This is the beginning of the second season that these folks have been visiting Polo.

They are respectful, spend money in our community, obey the laws and guidelines of using the trails, and we have had zero problems with them accessing us via the trail system.  

As a business owner I am glad for their business.

They are currently trying to extend their access to the rest of Ogle County and hopefully at some point connecting to Stephenson County.

This is good for Ogle County bringing in much need tourism dollars as well as licensing and insurance revenues.

Small towns need all the help they can get bringing business to our little towns.  

I hope that the Ogle County Board will reflect on what good can come from bringing more people from other communities to enjoy our parks, recreation and businesses, when they meet with the with the Blackhawk Riders next month.

Yours truly,

Kathy Wragg


Pinecricker Cafe


Polo Lifeline Food Pantry

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