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Polo council supports spending $50,000 on school tennis courts

The Polo City Council voiced support Monday for helping the Polo School District renovate its tennis courts.

Mayor Doug Knapp told the council that the tennis courts are in poor condition and badly in need of repairs.

He recommended that the city contribute $50,000 to the estimated $100,000 project.

“If we let them [the tennis courts] go, they’re going to be gone forever,” Knapp said.

City Clerk Susie Corbitt said $25,000 can come from the Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Fund, and $25,000 from sanitation.

City Attorney Tom Suits said that the council cannot vote on spending TIF Fund monies for the project until they have an intergovernmental agency agreement in place with the school district.

All six aldermen said they favor having the agreement drawn up so that it can be approved by them and the school board as soon as possible.

In another matter, Knapp told the board that he has signed an electrical aggregation agreement with Dynegy Energy Services LLC to provide electricity for residences and small businesses from July of 2017 through September of 2018.

Dynegy offered the best rates, he said.

The council authorized Knapp on March 20 to sign contracts that would allow the city to combine with other municipalities to obtain better electrical rates.

So far, Polo is grouped with Oregon and Davis Junction, he said. 

Knapp said that with the advice of Mike Mudge of Rock River Energy Services, he opted for a shorter contract term because other cities and villages may join in, thereby allowing the group to secure even lower rates.

The city’s current agreement is with Constellation Energy.

Corbitt said residents will be getting letters in the near future explaining the change and what they need to do to be included.

Constellation customers will get and “opt out” letter and need to do nothing to be included in the contract with Dynegy, she said.

However, customers who have been switched to a supplier other that Constellation will receive an “opt in” letter which they need to sign and return to go with Dynegy.

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