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Letters to the Editor

Public Voice

Take time to reflect during Easter week

Dear Editor,

In a time of busy-ness it is good to slow down.  

As society enters Christ’s Passion (the week of Palm Sunday through Easter), we reflect and read what Jesus’ sacrificial death grants us: grace.  

Join us for a time of reflection on Good Friday, April 14.  

The Oregon Fellowship of Ministers will gather at Ebenezer Reformed Church located at 2997 N. German Church Road in rural Oregon. Worship starts at 1 p.m.  

Worship will include reading, reflections, and music.  

Take this time to breathe and contemplate.

Pastor Richard Tomlinson

St. Paul Lutheran Church


Opposes repairs to Conover

Dear Editor,

Conover has been undergoing some construction and renovations over the last several months.

It may seem like a positive addition to Oregon’s historic downtown, but many factors predict that it is simply a catastrophe waiting to happen.

The current state of the 124-year-old Conover building is far from perfect.

While the community and Hands on Oregon are donating funds to help restore Conover, there are still too many violations that are a concern.

I propose that instead of putting all of the donations into rebuilding Conover Square, we should distribute them more equally between local small businesses that need a little extra help.

Not only would we be helping hometown businesses flourish, but it offers a great opportunity for the community to come together.

Chris Corcoran

Mt. Morris

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