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Stories shared at Polo Car Show

Every car has a story — all you need to do is ask the owner.

This rang true during the 25th annual Polo Car, Truck, and Tractor Show Saturday morning.

Car enthusiasts arrived early to prepare their car for the show.

Each one had a different story and a variety of reasons why they love showing their vehicle.

Marlin Jensen, Dixon, was at the show with his 1974 Jensen Interceptor.

"I needed a car with my name," said Jensen. "This car is a Jensen. I also own a Marlin."

Having two antique cars that match his first and last name was one thing that made Jensen unique.

The story of how he acquired the Interceptor was a tale to be told.

"The Interceptor was built in West Bromwich, England," he said. "It has a Chrysler engine and a Jaguar rear end. I bought this car site unseen online."

Purchasing a car online took trust between the buyer and seller.

Jensen joked the car looked good in the pictures and description.

"The guy was good but did not disclose everything," Jensen said. "I did not want a project. I wanted no rust, but it had a hole in the hood."

If that was the only problem, it would have been a relatively simple fix, however there were additional dents and major damage to be repaired.

"When I got the car it had dents in the roof and a door was caved in," he said. "It has a leather headliner and is hard to get dents out of the roof without damaging the leather."

On the plus side, the car came with a working 8 track player.

Jensen purchased the car in 2004 and made the repairs to get the car working.

"It was nice to get this car in working order," he said.

The Interceptor was parked next to another interesting car, a 1964 VW Dune Buggy owned by Bob Kloog, Oregon.

"The previous owner had it in parts," said Kloog "I saved it and rebuilt it."

Kloog purchased the car, with the boxes of parts, nine years ago.

"I rebuilt the car," he said. "There was not much there when I started."

When asked how the car runs, Kloog showed his sense of humor.

"The car gets me where I need to go," he said.

The dune buggy attracts attention wherever it is driven.

"The kids like this car," said Kloog.

As for why Kloog enjoys shows, there is a simple answer.

"It is a beautiful day for a car show," he said. "I like to get out and meet the people."

Another car owner who enjoys meeting people is Dave "Grumpy" Banes, Rock Falls.

"I enjoy being around the people and having fun," Banes said.

His 1956 Chevy Bel Air has a Grump decal from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." Banes said his nickname is Grumpy and everyone knows him by that name.

The Bel Air was modified by Banes to include a better engine.

"I get a lot of people telling me that 'They had one just like it,'" he said. "Well, not like this one. I added a 468 engine to it."

Banes wanted to give the car more power and the big block engine he installed did the trick.

The only problem with the added power was making sure he obeys the speed limit.

"I have a heavy foot," he said. "It is fun to drive."

When cruising around the area with his car Banes said he always receives thumbs up from other motorists.

The car's previous owner was from Polo.  Banes purchased the car in Polo eight years ago.

"It was in need of repairs when I bought it and now it is finished," he said.

Archie Jensen, Rochelle, also had to repair his car when it was purchased.

He brought his 1957 Ford Fairlane with a retractable roof to the show.

"I spent the past two years to get it running perfect," said Archie. "I have done everything on it."

Fortunately for Archie, none of the repairs was body work. He said the body and paint was clean but the car had small mechanical issues.

"I have owned it two years. It is interesting when people tell you 'My dad, my uncle, my brother, had one of these cars,'" he said. "This is our baby and we enjoy shows."

When the car is on display the roof is partially retracted to show how the device functions.

A walk down Mason Street would lead visitors to countless other car owners with similar stories. All it takes was a simple hello to get the conversation started.

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