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Jay's Drive-in selected for short film

Jay's Drive In will be used as a location for a movie being filmed in July. Third Wheel Entertainment will be at the well known business Sunday morning. Photo by Chris Johnson
Jay's Drive In will be used as a location for a movie being filmed in July. Third Wheel Entertainment will be at the well known business Sunday morning. Photo by Chris Johnson

By Chris Johnson


A well-known local business will be one location used for a new short film.

Megan St. John, executive producer of Third Wheel Entertainment, plans to use Jay’s Drive-In as a backdrop for a scene in a film, “Broiled.”

“St. John found us on Facebook and Google and they liked the location,” said Jay’s co-owner Vicky Wilken. “She stopped in and asked if they could shoot a scene here.”

St. John is excited to film at Jay’s.

“After a little online research we discovered Jay’s,” said St. John. “With its classic 50’s/60’s appearance, it fit the vintage vibe we were looking for perfectly.”

The story is a comedy with a love story and dark twists.

“ Our film is titled “Broiled,” and it is a short, running about 35 minutes in length,” said St. John. “Set in rural America, the film is the story of two girls and two boys who coincidentally rob the town bank on the same day.”

Twists will occur throughout the story

Additional scenes for the film will take place at farm houses in Malta, a house in Genoa, and the Moon Dance Diner in Maple Park, said St. John.

“One of the characters works at a drive-in, which is why they asked to use Jay’s,” said Wilken. “This should be cool.”

Filming will take place on Sunday, July 13 from 7:30 to 10 a.m.

“The filming will be complete before we open for the day,” said Wilken. “This is the first time we as owners will have something big at Jay’s.”

Wilken said that before they purchased the drive-in there were singers and photoshoots that occurred at the business.

When the film is complete, Wilken said that she will watch it with her husband Terry.

Third Wheel Entertainment is a Chicago based company and this movie is their first narrative film. “Broiled” will be filmed weekends in July near Oregon and Sycamore.

“I wrote the script, and I will also be directing and acting as one of the main characters in the story,” said St. John. “I would have to say my favorite part of filmmaking, aside from the writing and directing, would be the collaboration.”

St. John said she has been working hard with her team to get the movie off the ground.

“From the location scouting to the prop gathering, to the auditions and rehearsals and numerous production meetings, everyone involved in this project is excited to be a part of it,” said St. John. “I have met so many nice people who are eager to help and get involved in this production, that I can’t help but think it is going to be a success.”

Preproduction began in February and auditions were held in May with filming being completed on weekends in July.

“When the film is finished, we plan to submit it to various festivals, with Sundance being our number one goal,” said St. John. “We also plan to hold various screenings in the Chicago area.”

St. John is a 2012 graduate of the University of Chicago where she studied film, theater and creative writing. After graduation she started Third Wheel Entertainment.

“I work with a great crew of filmmakers, and although we love the commercial side of things, we want Third Wheel to grow into a feature film production company some day,” she said. “That’s why this summer we decided we were going to make our first movie.”

Video samples of work by Third Wheel Entertainment are available online at www.thirdwheel

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