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Downtown building owner receives parking help

By Chris Johnson


Without any discussion July 8, the Oregon City Council unanimously approved an agreement to help a building owner keep her parking lot free for customers.

Jan Mansfield owns the building on the northeast corner of Fourth and Washington Street (Ill. 2 and Ill. 64), intersection.

Currently the building houses Alpine Chiropractic, United Reality, and Byron Bank.

“With this agreement, Mansfield will post a sign saying parking is for customers only,” said Oregon Police Chief Darin DeHaan after the meeting. “They will contact us for enforcement and we will issue tickets.”

Revenue from the tickets will go to the city.

DeHaan said the signs should deter anyone from parking in the lot who are not customers in the building.

During the June 24 city council meeting DeHaan mentioned he was approached by a business owner to see if the police department could patrol private parking lots.

At that time, an ordinance was being drafted that would allow the city to issue tickets on the private property.

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