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Letters to the Editor

Annual garage sale was a success

Dear Editor,

The Chana School Museum’s Annual Benefit Sale was a huge success at the Oregon Coliseum.

Volunteers worked for three days receiving and setting up before the sale days.   The Coliseum’s upper floor was full of large and small items galore.  

There were complete rooms of furniture offered for sale.  There were fine works of art, upscale handbags, tools, tires, beautiful glassware, live plants, clothes for all ages, and one of a kind items thanks to all the donations from the community.

The community enjoyed the convenience of the Coliseum.

People saw the sale signs and came to find a treasure or just have fun looking at all the many things.  

Several individuals came to the sale more than once or twice.

The sale benefited the Chana School Museum and its programs.  

However, after the sale was over, other community organizations benefited from the donations as well.

This year, items went to the local nursing homes, the Rock River Center, Life Line, and finally the Leydig Center.

All these not-for-profit organizations picked items that they could use.  

Thank you to all those folks who donated their unwanted items to this cause.

The Chana School Foundation would like to thank its volunteers for all their hard work and dedication for this huge sale.  

First, the heavy haulers, Ray Gruber and Gary Stauffer, used their vehicles and trailers to “pick up items” and deliver to the Coliseum.  

Their ability to move and haul large items was invaluable to get the sale ready.  Then there was “the team of ladies” who unpacked, organized, and rearranged items for two and half days.

Team members were Donna Gruber, Carol Politsch, Cynde Wennmaker, Earlyne Warmolts, Jane Bale, Diane Lillie, Linda Knigge, Linda Hoffman, Jennifer Kaffenbarger, Sherry Piros, and me.  

The team grew this year with Denise Toms, Ellen Mason, and Lyn Hunter also learning to organize and help people buying items.  

Mark Herman and Phil Bratta joined in the labor of reorganizing and packing up items at the end of the sale.  

Skyler Carlson and Conner Young, local students, earned community service hours by helping to carry items, helping people get to and from the building, and other valuable tasks.

A big thank you to all who made this event possible and donated to this event.  

The City of Oregon supported this event by allowing the event to take place at the Coliseum.  Thank you all!

Connie Stauffer


How can Harn hold three jobs?

Dear Editor,

This message was sent to Kim Gouker, county board chairman.

Really?! How can Mike Harn truly do “justice” to the Ogle County Sheriff’s Department holding two other full-time jobs: Forreston mayor [village president] and Forrestville Valley School maintenance coordinator??

The budget could be cut more if you, as county board chairman, refuse to pay him full-time wages.

This man and the county board have lost all ethics allowing him to continue as “Sheriff” (and I use the capital letter loosely there).

Has Ogle County not learned from the City of Dixon?!

All positions must have “checks and balances.”

The county board must be held accountable.

Respectfully submitted,

Connie Karper


Festival parade had 100 entries

Dear Editor,

It was a beautiful day for a parade in Leaf River. We are so thankful the rain avoided us Sunday afternoon.  

Thank you to Exelon Nuclear, Leaf River Telephone Company and the Leaf River Lions Club for sponsoring the parade.  

Thank you to everyone that participated in the parade. Thank you to the judges.  

We had over 100 entries, including Leaf River United Methodist Church, first place theme float, and the Leaf River Busy Beavers 4-H Club, second place theme float; Leaf River Lions Club, first place non-conforming float, Dixon Evening Lions Club, second place non-conforming float, and Pecatonica Downtown, third place non-conforming float; Angie’s Aquatic Atrium, first place commercial float; Mike Campbell’s 1967 Camaro, first place vintage car, and Andy Stark’s 1972 Corvette, second place vintage car; Carriage Springs Farm, first place horse hitch, and Freeport Chapter VietNow, second place horse hitch; and the Ogle County 4-H Horse Drill Team, first place equestrian.  

We hope everyone enjoyed the parade as it made it’s way through the community.

Laura Werner

Leaf River Summer Daze Committee

Lifeline thanks USPS drive

Dear Editor,

Lifeline wishes to acknowledge their appreciation of all who were involved with USPS National Association of Letter Carriers food drive May 10.

We thank all of the Oregon postal employees, the Oregon and Chana communities, the Community Bank of Oregon, Shell Station and Oregon Fire Department for their advertising, Pizza Hut for the pizza donations, the Church of God for the facility for sorting and storage, the Boy Scouts and our Lifeline Board and volunteers.

1,650 pounds of food was donated. This will help us for several months.

Thanks, to all for your support.

Sharon Wallace

Lifeline Board

Hard to choose what to attend

Dear Editor,

My, there are so many varied activities going on in our area, it is almost difficult to select which to attend.

Aside from the regular activities, such as quilting, carving, whittling, book club , Line dance, cards, stump jumping, Situation Room  (Old News), Pot luck Birthdays, Sing Along with Margo Ackland prior to the lunch, etc., some new and special programs were presented.

Europe on Bikes by this couple who spent three months and covered 1,350 miles through France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Hungary was excellent with brochures, maps, and great pictures including people they met, places they stayed, their tent, and bags which were never tampered with nor stolen (as several people in the audience said, if it was in the USA, they probably would not live to tell the tale.) 

Shame but true. This was presented in conjunction with the Oregon Public Library.

On June 1 at 2 p.m. at the Mt. Morris Library, Pastor Steve Erickson who studied and covered many investigations of JFK’s assassination with an excellent handout, books, and theories.

Many band concerts are presented regularly at the Mt. Morris bandshell including Kable Concert Band under Warren Reckmeyer since 1956 on Wednesdays and other concerts I believe on Fridays.

On Friday and Saturday, June 13 and 14, Rock River Center is conducting a New and Used Sale, countless items of interest, priced right.

On Friday at 2 p.m., June 20, a celebration of Jack Scott’s life at Rock River Center, where he and his wife Phyllis had many friends.

Art classes are held at RRC at 12:30 Fridays as well as computer classes for various stages and programs depending on your choice and times.

On June 16, Clarence McGee from Canada will perform at RRC 10 a.m. on the guitar and banjo, sing along fun, come.

Anna A. Hatzipanagiotis

Mt. Morris

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