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Woman recuperating from dog attack

Eight days after she was viciously attacked by three dogs, a rural Ashton woman was recuperating at home.

Aneda Ebert, 63, 3413 Dugdale Rd., said Tuesday that she is very grateful for the concern people have expressed for her and the help that's been offered.

"The support has been overwhelming. People have been wonderful," she said.

Ebert suffered severe injuries to her neck, shoulder, arms, and leg, and spent four days at KSB Hospital, Dixon, before being released April 25.

"I'm healing — my nurse (husband Larry) says I look better every day," said Ebert, who appeared in good spirits despite the ordeal. "I'm mauled. I'm just a mess. I have stitches everywhere."

She was almost home from her morning jog April 21 when two pit bulls and a smaller brown dog ran out of a neighbor's yard and attacked her.

Larry, who was out riding his bike, was some distance done the road and saw the dogs shaking something.

He soon realized they were attacking his wife and sped to her rescue, scaring the dogs off.

"They started biting at my elbows and I knew I was in trouble," Ebert said. "Then they got more vicious and they were growling. They got me down, and they had me by the neck. I protected my face. Larry saw them drag me at least 15 feet. I can't believe the grip they had. There was nothing I could do. And then I saw Larry's face."

Dr. Tom Champley, Ogle County Animal Control Administrator, said last week that Larry's quick action likely save her life.

"It's a good thing her husband was right there or it might have been a fatality," Champley said.

Ebert said she was shocked by the viciousness of the attack.

"The brutality is what bothers me," she said. "It was so savage."

Initially, Champley had reported the attack came from the two put bulls, a male and a female.

However, he said Tuesday that further investigation showed that the third dog, owned by the same person, also took part in the attack. he said he did not know the breed of the smaller dog.

All three dogs were impounded by Animal Control and have been euthanized with the consent of the owner, Champley said.

Ebert said the dogs had never posed a problem for her before, although they have for some of her neighbors.

"The dogs have been there a long time," she said.

Another neighbor had reported the dogs more than once for running at large, she said.

Champley said Tuesday that he is unaware of any previous complaints being made to Animal Control.

A spokesman for Ogle County State's Attorney Michael Rock said Tuesday morning that prosecutors are working with law enforcement officers to determine if charges will be filed against the dogs' owner.

The Ogle County Sheriff's Department investigated at the scene.

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