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Letters to the Editor

Agrees will Colson’s concerns

Dear Editor,

I am writing this to let the Ogle County Board members know I support Mr. Colson’s belief concerning building a new sheriff’s office.

The officials of Oregon ought to have a great deal of interest in this also. It seems like a win/win for Ogle County, the town of Oregon, and most important the taxpayer.

If the county board members remain as hardheaded as it seems, they, at the very least, owe the taxpayers a plan for the use of the property purchased a few years ago before any work or bids are accepted for building at the present sheriff’s location.


Harold (Sam) W. McMichael


Thankful for the bill payer

Dear Editor,

I received a wonderful phone call from the City Clerk today that an anonymous couple paid Carol Long’s unfortunate, but circumstantial $2,000 water bill.

I am thankful to the Lord Jesus for the couple responsible in relieving the widow. Truly they are most kind and their love is recognized before the Father.

I thank the Holy Ghost for moving on them for their great act of charity. May they be richly blessed this Easter, and into eternity. Hallelujah! He is risen.  

Rick Ryland


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