Horn is OHS Student of Distinction

Bryanna Horn is Oregon High School’s February Senior of Distinction, nominated by teacher Mark Gale.

“Bryanna is an amazing student/athlete. She earned an A last semester in Prob/Stats," Gale said in his nomination.

"Every assignment, project, or test was done with perfection. Bryanna is a quiet student in class, but when it is time to give a presentation in statistics on the normal curve, she is very energetic.

"Her peers also benefited from her talents in mathematics. Bryanna usually finishes her work and tutors other students. I was talking to Mr. Davison about Bryanna and his quote was, ‘Oh, yeah what a rotten kid.’   Which means = awesome! 

"I was working on a house and saw Bry with her mom and I yelled to her, ‘What do you multiply by on a 45-45-90 triangle from the smaller side to the hypotenuse?’ She yelled back, ‘Square root 2.’  Book bag in hand, waving with a smile, I told my coworker, ‘That is why I teach!’.”