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Letters to the Editor

Election Letters to the Editor March 7 - Part 1

Dear Editor,

Beyond a doubt, Mike Rock is the best candidate for Ogle County state's attorney.  

Mike stands tall with 20 years plus experience and isn't afraid to put up a fight for the citizens of this county.  

He has a reputation of being fair but firm.  

Mike was appointed by the county board unanimously 24 - 0 vote and in that time he has done an amazing job by seeking more stiff penalties for violent and repeat offenders while utilizing diversion programs as well when appropriate.  

Anyone who has had the pleasure of speaking with Mike knows that he is a compassioniate, loving, and dedicated man.  

Please stand with me and support Mike Rock for state's attorney. 

Ashley Simms


Ogle County Board Member Dist. 3

Dear Editor,

Most all defense attorneys who defend their clients that are charged with a criminal offense are hard working and well-qualified. 

They many times win their case against the prosecuting state's attorney. 

This is why Ogle County must elect an experienced, well-qualified, and dedicated state's attorney. He must be honest, respected by the police, judges, juries, and all those he works with. 

Our present State's Attorney, Mike  Rock, is all of this. 

He has 10 years of experience in prosecuting criminals charged with all types of crimes, especially serious felonies, and has been successful. 

Mike Rock has proven himself as a truthful, honest, hard-working prosecutor who fights to get the criminals convicted so our judges can give them their just punishment.

I know Mike Rock quite well. He has been a successful prosecutor and state's attorney. 

We need him to represent us in Ogle County. 

I ask that you retain Mike Rock as state's attorney on March 18.

Thank you, 

Jerry Brooks


Ogle County Board Member Dist. 2 

Dear Editor, 

We have the opportunity to retain a state's attorney for our county that is experienced, hard working, and has a great deal of integrity. This man is Mike Rock, our current state's attorney. 

After serving as the first assistant state's attorney for many years, in January, 2013, Mike was appointed states attorney by a unanimous vote of the county board from a field of other applicants that included his opponent. 

Since his appointment Mike has worked tirelessly to ensure that Ogle County remains a safe place for all of us. 

While the state's attorney has some administrative responsibilities, it is not an administrative position. The state's attorney is the top prosecutor for the county.  

The decisions made by the state's attorney profoundly impact the lives of citizens of this county. We need a seasoned prosecutor in that position.  

To me it would not be wise to elect someone whose experience as a prosecutor is measured only in months to such an important position.  

Mike has spent nearly 10 years of his over 20-year legal career as a prosecutor in Ogle County aggressively prosecuting violent offenders and drug traffickers and compassionately advocating for crime victims.  

I am voting for experience and integrity. I am voting for Mike Rock. 

Lucile Pedersen


Dear Editor,

I am supporting Brian VanVickle for Ogle County sheriff. 

I have been a police officer for the past 20 years, as a patrolman, a detective, and now a sergeant.

I am also the part-time Chief of Police in the Village of Hillcrest. 

We need a long-term sheriff who will regain the trust of our local police and fire agencies and the good citizens of this great county. 

The sheriff’s office needs to get back to the strong roots of community policing in our neighborhoods, and squad cars back on county and township roads like it was when you elected Mel Messer as your sheriff. 

Brian is the best candidate to do this and bring fresh innovative ideas to the sheriff’s office. 

Brian was in private sector management for 13 years and he is currently a police officer and K9 handler for the City of Rochelle. 

Brian currently holds a business degree, and is working on and will obtain a business of administration degree and a secondary degree in emergency management. 

Brian VanVickle has a passion for this endeavor so I ask you to join me to elect Brian VanVickle on March 18 to be our next Ogle County sheriff.  

Danny White


Dear Editor,

What qualities are important for the office of Ogle County sheriff? We feel the following qualities are important and will benefit Ogle County residents if Brian VanVickle is elected as our new sheriff on March 18.

Brian is a fifth generation Ogle County resident – raised, educated, and employed in Ogle County and he is raising his own family in Ogle County. You, the taxpayers of Ogle County, are his priority.

Brian is currently a Rochelle Police Officer. His patrol experience and his initiative to expand his responsibilities as a K-9 Officer, Truck Enforcement Officer, Hostage Negotiator and others is proof that public safety is a priority for Brian. 

He will serve to protect you and your families in Ogle County when he is elected sheriff.

Ogle County taxpayers provide financial resources for this office to provide high quality, responsible services. 

Brian will provide high quality service with responsibility and complete transparency of your tax dollars that he is entrusted with. His experience and goal of transparency will benefit you.

We feel Brian VanVickle will be an asset to our county when he is elected as our new Ogle County sheriff. Vote for Brian VanVickle on March 18.

Ray and Barb Reineck


Dear Editor,

We have had the privilege and opportunity to know and work closely with many effective and successful leaders over the years in our northern Illinois area. 

It is easy to find people who know the technical aspects and skills of a job and can perform them reasonably well.

However, to lead effectively and successfully requires more than skills. 

Character, integrity, and a value system consistent with the community are intrinsic to a quality leader and someone deserving of our respect. 

The sheriff’s office of Ogle County needs and deserves an honest leader with character, a leader with integrity, a leader with values, a leader with vision, a leader like Brian. 

He is a candidate who can be judged by who he is and what he does rather than only by what he says.

Brian has demonstrated that he knows police work and the skills needed to succeed as sheriff of Ogle County. 

His character and integrity are above reproach. 

He will not take advantage of his position for any personal gain or give an impression of such. 

We urge voters in Ogle County to get out on Election Day to support and cast your vote for Brian VanVickle. 

Dave Louis

Retired President of Kishwaukee College

Mary Anne Louis

Retired Rochelle Elementary teacher


Dear Editor,

Chairman Gouker, to use your own words, you were “asleep at the wheel?”  

Brian VanVickle sat in the row right behind his wife and family along with other concerned citizens—the first two rows were full!  

You have done a good job of sweeping the questions under the rug.  

The yearly audit only looks at money in and money out. The City of Dixon went through these same yearly audits for 20 years before Rita was caught.  

I applaud Petrizzo and the few others for questioning the sheriff’s spending! 

Funny how it took new members coming on the board for this suspicious activity to be noticed! 

You want to talk “sham and political stunts” – the board could have demanded to see the FOIA requests and turned over the information that was requested.   

I will be voting for Brian VanVickle—the only candidate pushing for the truth! Time for someone to take over that has ethics and integrity! 

There are excellent police officers standing behind Brian—do you think they would risk their good reputations “slinging mud” if there wasn’t truth there?  

I think not—please cast your vote on March 18—vote for Brian VanVickle for Ogle County sheriff.

Dorinda Hammer

Stillman Valley

Dear Editor,

On March 18, my vote for Ogle County sheriff will be for Brian VanVickle! 

Brian promises to be proactive and tough on drug crimes.  

Do you know that heroin use is on the rise in Ogle County? Do you know that drugs are the root cause of many crimes? Do you know what a “Skittle Party” is? 

Brian does—and he wants to make sure that our children know how very dangerous this practice is. Brian promises to have officers responding to calls again—not just making phone contact.  

He promises to take the focus off I-39 and put officers back in our communities where crimes are happening.  

He also promises full transparency—when asked how money is being spent, Brian will show you unaltered receipts. 

We are tired of the “good ole boy” thinking, we are ready for fresh ideas.   

Ogle County needs an aggressive and highly motivated sheriff who is willing to work hard to hold this position for many years.  

At least 85 percent of the sheriff department employees back Brian VanVickle for sheriff—please support our officers and cast your vote on March 18 for Brian VanVickle!

Mark Price


Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter in support of Brian VanVickle.  

I have heard him speak several times and like his ideas and the fact that he is willing to restructure the sheriff’s office to get deputies back into the communities where they are needed. I live in Creston and residents do not see the presence of deputies in our community.  

I would like to see deputies patrolling our village.  

I also believe that Brian VanVickle has the necessary qualities to be Ogle County’s next sheriff.  

Brian is a member of the Rochelle High School Board. 

Brian has a business degree, and is finishing a public administration degree and a secondary degree in emergency management. 

That will strengthen his knowledge and prepare him for the administrative duties that are a part of being sheriff. Brian is also a Rochelle Police Officer and K9 handler.

I have lived in Creston since 1948 and have served in various elected and appointed positions where I have served the general public.  

I believe that those experiences help me to know who will make a great sheriff. 

Please join me and vote for Brian VanVickle on March 18.

Penelope C. Payton


Dear Editor,

I write this letter to support Brian VanVickle for sheriff. 

After listening to all the candidates at different meetings and reading their information, I can see that we need someone in office who will be honest and who understands this job will take a lengthy full-time commitment to see the objectives of the department through. 

If Brian is elected he has the wisdom of enough years in both business and law enforcement (19 years) and he has the energy of a progressive leader. 

Since I am a college student, I can compare it to education. 

Although both very new and very veteran teachers have assets to offer, the teachers that I benefit the most from are the ones who have been doing it for a little while, but not for so long that they are too close to retirement to take on the new challenges that are constantly coming in the field. 

I think two of the three candidates are good people in this sheriff’s election, but there is only one candidate that is actually prepared with both business and law enforcement experience and who has the longevity to see all initiatives implement. 

Change takes time, please elect Brian VanVickle and let’s turn the morale and impression of the sheriff’s department in a positive direction. Vote March 18 for Brian VanVickle.

Mark Schabacker


Dear Editor,

I, Don Welsh, have been a taxpayer in Ogle County for 45 years. While I applaud the Ogle County Board’s decision to tighten the reins on the spending in the sheriff’s office, I think it may have come a little late for this sheriff. 

It is time for him to provide those FOIA requests and since he has not, it seems that he may not have the receipts either.  

In any case, the main objective is to have a sheriff in Ogle County that is transparent and well-versed in both business and law enforcement. 

My wife and I will be supporting Brian VanVickle for sheriff as it is clear that he is the only man who has all three of those assets in one package. 

The current sheriff does not want to be transparent and the other candidate while claiming years of experience should be transparent enough to say that his experience comes from a community college without house facilities and that the actual amount of “law enforcement” while still important, is minimal. 

Please join me in supporting Brian VanVickle for sheriff. If 80 percent of the current department feels he is the best candidate and they see this kind of work every day, I am certain he is the right candidate. 

Vote Republican Brian VanVickle for sheriff on March 18. 

I endorse him and ask for your support for our county’s future.

Don Welsh

Stillman Valley

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