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Letters to the Editor

Election Letters to the Editor March 7 - Part 3

Dear Editor,

Please join me in voting for Mike Rock on March 18. For the past year I have had the pleasure of serving on the State’s Attorney Committee with Mike and he continues to impress me. 

When Ben Roe was chosen to become a judge, an interview process took place to find Ben’s replacement as the Ogle County State’s Attorney. 

Mike and his opponent both applied. The Ogle County Board chose Mike Rock unanimously to become Ogle County’s next State’s Attorney. 

Mike has the experience of over 30 jury trials, and is a very strong Second Amendment supporter. 

Mike is a solid fiscal conservative — coming in way under budget last year, and since his appointment, Mike and his staff have been able to secure lengthy sentences for criminals. 

Finally, no one has worked harder during this election cycle to meet every voter than Mike Rock.

Please join me in supporting our State’s Attorney, Mike Rock.

Zachary S. Oltmanns

Davis Junction

Ogle County Board Member District 1 

Eric Morrow is a solid choice

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter in support of Eric Morrow as candidate for Ogle County State’s Attorney. 

I firmly believe that Eric is the best candidate for this office for numerous reasons. 

The first reason is his in-depth knowledge of the needs, concerns, and problems facing Ogle County.

Being a long-term resident of the area, and his involvement in multiple civic organizations, as well as spending his entire legal career in this area has left him uniquely qualified. 

The second reason I feel strongly about Eric’s qualifications is his experience as a private business owner. 

Anyone who has experienced the business climate in the last few years understands the rigors of budgets, efficiency, and fiduciary responsibility. 

The fact that his business is successful speaks volumes about his ability to operate in tough financial times.

Eric has also showed the ability to “think outside the box.” 

His involvement in the New Horizons Drug Court displays his willingness, and ability, to work with other organizations to achieve positive results in an area where others have not fared very well.

My final point is, I feel, the most important. Integrity and honesty have to have the highest level of consideration when choosing our next Ogle County state’s attorney.

Elected officials must have these two traits to begin to rebuild the confidence of all citizens, not just Ogle County. 

In my experience Mr. Morrow is an excellent example of both of these necessary traits.

As a lifelong resident of this area I hope the citizens of Ogle County join me in electing Eric Morrow as our next Ogle County state’s attorney.


Mark Shaulis 


Mike Rock is a good example

Dear Editor,

I would encourage the voters of Ogle County to support Mike Rock for state’s attorney. 

Mike offers over 20 years of legal experience on both sides of the issues. 

He has done both the prosecution and defense. 

My experience with Mike reflects on his years as a prosecutor for Ogle County. His win rate against the bad guys is excellent. If you do the crime you should do the time. 

Mike is very firm and tenacious. That is what we need in our county. 

We must get serious about crime. The bad guys will soon find out that we mean business in Ogle County and need to do the crime somewhere else. 

Mike is very clear on his goals and objectives for the state’s attorney’s office. 

Some of those are: continue managing a fiscally responsible budget, to be sure the office is adequately staffed, work closely with the department heads to ensure Ogle County is highly respected among our peers, network with the local law enforcement and fire services, continue to reach out to the youth to develop a positive attitude of law enforcement so they understand and respect the laws of the land. 

Mike and his wife, Maggie, live in Byron, and have three children.  

His spare time is spent with his family, working in the community, and on the ice (playing hockey as well as coaching) pursuing his favorite hobby. 

Mike and his family are a good example for all of us in Ogle County.  

Please join me in supporting Mike Rock by casting your vote on March 18.

Ron McDermott


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