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Letters to the Editor

Thank you for recycling trees

Dear Editor,

Thank you to all who were involved in this year’s Christmas Tree Recycling Program. Approximately 671 trees (about   16.78 tons) were collected and chipped into mulch and diverted from local landfills.

Since the start of this program in 1999, about 316 tons of trees have been recycled and made into a beneficial material.

Drop off sites were located in seven communities throughout the county. On January 11th, high school

Future Farmers of America clubs from Byron, Forreston, Oregon and Polo volunteered their time, in lousy weather conditions, to pick up trees at the curb in nine towns.

The students and advisors delivered the trees to sites where they were later chipped into mulch.

The Ogle County Solid Waste Management Department wishes to thank the following groups for their role in collecting and chipping the trees and making this program possible.

Byron Forest Preserve District, City of Byron, Byron High School FFA, Lichty’s Landscaping Service, Village of Forreston, Forreston High School FFA, Village of Leaf River, Oregon Park District, Oregon High School FFA, Flagg-Rochelle Park District, City of Rochelle, Polo High School FFA and Aurand Tree Service.


Stephen J. Rypkema,


Ogle County Solid Waste Mangement Department

Believes in VanVickle

Dear Editor,

I am a retired Chicago police officer living in Oregon.

I believe that citizens of Ogle County need to elect Brian VanVickle Ogle County Sheriff.

I think that his education, management experience and his hands on understanding of Ogle County crime make him the best candidate for the office of Ogle County Sheriff.

I believe that his honesty and business acumen will impact the
operations of the sheriff’s department to the benefit of the citizens of Ogle County.

He has the experience and knowledge to be a great sheriff for our county.


Ronald Wright


Fuller endorses Brian VanVickle

Dear Editor,

The election season is quickly approaching for Ogle County.

I would like to endorse Brian VanVickle for Ogle County Sheriff.

I know he is a fifth generation resident of Ogle County, and he is passionate about the safety of all residents.

Brian has a vast understanding of the needs and wants of the residents in the county.

Honest, dedicated, trustworthy, hardworking and committed are all words to describe Brian VanVickle.

I feel the only choice for Ogle County Sheriff at election time is Brian VanVickle.

Go to the polls and let your voice be heard.

It is time to bring integrity back to the Ogle County Sheriff position. Please Vote Brian VanVickle March 18, 2014.


Jess Fuller


Supports Brian VanVickle

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter because I fully endorse Brian VanVickle for Ogle County Sheriff.

He is the best qualified person for this job, as it requires both business and police familiarity. 

Brian has 13 years experience in the business and financial world in addition to his real-world police work. 

His educational experience is in business and public administration and our sheriff’s office budget would benefit greatly from both his education and experience. 

We need a sheriff that has the knowledge and understanding of how to not only properly implement a budget, but to also utilize it with integrity and transparency.
Ogle County has had great successes with previous long-term sheriffs.
Longevity is one of Brian’s greatest strengths. He is not looking to retire on this job anytime soon.

He understands that he has to fulfill the promises he is making to the citizens of Ogle County or he will be out of job in four years…not retiring with a second pension.

He will work hard to implement those no-cost initiatives he promised.

He has hands-on police experience and the extensive business background needed to handle the demands of a county this large.

Please join me in supporting Brian VanVickle by voting on March 18.


Ron McDermott


All bus drivers do a great job

Dear Editor,

The Forrestville Valley School District #221 celebrated Bus Driver Appreciation Week Feb. 3 through Feb. 7.

The Forrestville Valley School PTO honored the drivers daily and on Thursday, Feb. 6 the district honored the drivers with an Appreciation Breakfast.

The district thanks each and every one of these drivers for their committed loyal service.

The following are Bus Drivers for the Forrestville Valley School District:

Full-time—Marsha Birkholz, Bob Fager, Mike Gaston, Diane Henneman, Jill Hillman, Don Lowman,

Stacy Miller, Keith Reemtsma, Clif Schoonhoven, Jeff Wubbena, and Ken Zipse.

Sub Drivers—Joy Brown, Nykki Mulder, Jean Noonkesser, Chet Strehlow, and Glenn Wichman.

Cathy Williams

Transportation Dept.

Forreston Junior-Senior High School

Will vote for Brian VanVickle

Dear Editor,

I will be voting for Brian VanVickle in the Ogle County Primary on March 18 for Ogle County Sheriff, and

I think you should too.

Here is why I feel this way. I have been privileged to serve as an elected official with Brian on the Rochelle Township High School Board of Education for the past three years.

In that time Brian has proved to be an outstanding board member who has served the people who elected him with honesty and integrity.

Brian has always been prepared an informed about issues facing the RTHS Board.

He clearly made crucial decisions facing the board from an informed, thoughtful and confident position.

He was very instrumental in establishing security updates at RTHS using his law enforcement background.

Brian has also been involved in high-level administrative decisions involving budget hearings, disciplinary actions and hiring and termination.

In my opinion, Brian epitomizes the kind of energized, honest, confident and committed individual that the Ogle County Sheriff’s Department needs to move us forward with integrity into the coming years.

I encourage you to thoughtfully consider my choice for Ogle County Sheriff – Brian VanVickle for Ogle County Sheriff.


Jeff Tilton


More integrity is needed

Dear Editor,

I am supporting Brian VanVickle for Ogle County Sheriff on March 18.

Brian VanVickle is a man of integrity who has operated with the best interests of the community in which he currently serves as an officer on the Rochelle Police Department and has previous worked as a private sector employee.

This integrity is seen as he voices concerns about the current use of funds in the Ogle County Sheriff’s Department.

This integrity is seen as he voices approval for a forensic audit of the current Ogle County Sheriff’s Department.

This integrity is seen in his plans to shift the Ogle County Sheriff’s Department towards creating and maintaining safe communities and away from generating and collecting revenue.
Ogle County deserves a sheriff with the highest levels of integrity, and Brian VanVickle is that sheriff.

I believe that Brian VanVickle is man of high integrity, and I urge you to join me in voting for him for Ogle County Sheriff on March 18.

Amy Hayden


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