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Painting from Oregon Library's collection to be on loan for two years

The Oregon Public Library Board is proud to announce that one of their Eagle's Nest Art Colony paintings has been selected to be exhibited alongside other paintings from many prestigious museums. 

The painting is by Joaquin Sorolla (1863-1923), a world famous Spanish artist and is being loaned to the Meadows Museum in Dallas, Texas. 

From there, it will travel with the exhibit entitled “Sorolla and America” to the San Diego Museum of Art and to Fundacion in Madrid, Spain. 

The painting will be traveling for nearly two years.

The Sorolla painting from the Oregon Library is called “Portrait of Ralph Clarkson” and is executed in an Impressionist manner. 

The painting features the artist’s friend and fellow painter, Ralph Clarkson, with imagery referring to Diego Velázquez’s famous painting entitled Las Meninas in the background.

The painting is inscribed, dated and signed, "A mi querido amigo Clarkson Sorolla 1911" in the lower left quadrant.

“We are just so excited to be asked to be a part of this world renowned exhibit that the Meadows is putting together,” said library director Marsha Zaccone. “I’m not sure that people realize just what a famous and impressive art collection we have right here in Oregon.”

Early in 1911, Sorolla visited the United States and exhibited 161 new paintings at the Art Institute of Chicago.  It was at this time that he was most likely in contact with Ralph Clarkson and the Eagle’s Nest Colony in Oregon.

The Oregon Public Library now houses the Eagles Nest Art collection, which are all works of art that were produced during the years when the Eagles Nest Art Colony was located in Oregon.  

Stop by the library’s art gallery anytime during regular library hours to view its impressive collection of art or view it online at

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