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Letters to the Editor

Handicapped rider says leave his bike alone

Dear Editor,

There is a problem that handicapped people experience if they do not drive cars. 

I have a three-wheeled bicycle and have been advised to park in a regular car spot when I am in the town of Polo. 

Sometimes people complain that I should not park there. 

The Chief of Police, Dennis Christen, has told me that I should use a regular parking spot or a handicapped spot. 

Since I am not as handicapped as some people, I prefer to leave the handicap spots open.

The Polo City Council advised me to write a letter to inform people that I have the same rights as if I parked a car or truck. 

If people continue to move my bicycle out of  a parking spot, I will have to start calling the police department to write up a citation for that person.


James Rinehart


Koper says sign for candidate was damaged

Dear Editor,

On Sunday afternoon Nov. 24 at approximately 2:30 p.m. I noticed an “Elect Joe Drought for Sheriff “ 4 ft. by 8 ft. sign had been damaged.  

It had just been installed in a field in the southeast corner of Ill. 72 and Mt. Morris Rd.

During the 20 hours since its installation the prior evening at 6:30 p.m. it had been vandalized by spraying it with paint and breaking it in two, plus cracking it in another place.

Signs like this are not cheap and any assistance to the investigation would be greatly appreciated.  

I don’t care which candidate is the victim of this type of senseless damage it is a result of stupid and immature action that causes this type of activity.

If the person/persons involved in this are doing it because they do not like Joe then it is my hope that on March 18th you are watching the election results from behind bars.  As with any candidate that is the victim of this type of activity any information at all should warrant a phone call to that candidate.  

Let’s get this stopped before it gets worse.

There is a sizable political sign appearing at the intersection of IIll. 251 and Ill. 64. Kind of makes a person wonder what all this type of expense is supposed to mean.  

To me the size of campaign signs and quantity of signs only indicate a candidate has money to spend.  

What matters first and foremost is that the citizens of Ogle County realize that March 18 is the primary election and for a few candidates it’s results are the same as the general election next fall.  

With that in mind mark your calendar and get out and vote for the best qualified candidates. Second and of equal importance. Take the time to check out each candidate’s qualifications.

There are races for offices that there are enormous differences in the candidate’s qualifications whom are running for the same office.  

Let’s be intelligent voters and vote March 18 for the best qualified.

Al Koper

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