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Letters to the Editor

How do you feel about less funding for education?

Dear Editor,

On page 10 of the Saturday, Oct. 19 Sauk Valley News there was a brief article about Illinois education officials warning school administrators to prepare for even less state funding for the next fiscal year. 

How do the people of Illinois feel about this?

Is this in keeping with a nation that believes that children are our most important investment? 

Joanne Pennock


Will Rogers interpretor was incredible

Dear Editor,

A large group of people gathered on Sunday Oct. 13 at the Rock River Center in Oregon, Sunday evening 7 p.m., to hear Mr. Andy Hogan, a Will Rogers Memorial Museum historical guide and Will Rogers interpreter in Oklahoma, speak.

This speaker was incredible; he wore his Will Rogers hat with rope in hand, no notes, no water, nothing else, yet he spoke for over an hour and held everyone’s attention like no one else could.
President Obama and his TelePrompTer, etc., would do well to get a lesson from this retired educator.

His presentation was extremely interesting and informative to the point that no one  in the audience realized we were getting a history lesson. Wow!

Of course, Will Rogers, born of a prominent family, is Oklahoma’s favorite son and traveled around the world three times, made 71 movies, 50 silent films and 21 talkies, wrote more than 4,000 nationally syndicated newspaper columns, and became a world famous figure.

This was an evening well spent with much admiration and thanks to Mr. Hogan, as well as the Rock River Center for making this presentation possible.

Anna Hatzipanagiotis

Mt. Morris

Rock River Center thankful for $300 gift

Dear Editor,

The Rock River Center would like to offer many thanks to the Rock River Valley Rotary Club of Byron for their recent gift of $300.

This gift was the result of collaboration between Rock River Center staff and Rotary Club members in order to help a local family in need.

The mission of Rock River Center is to provide resources, activities, and services that improve the quality of life for Ogle County’s older adults, the disadvantaged, caregivers, and the greater community.

This also includes services to grandparents raising grandchildren.

This generous gift from the Rock River Valley Rotary Club of Byron was used specifically for the needs of a grandparent raising a grandchild.

For more information about the Rock River Center and the services we provide, please call us at 815-732-3252, or 1-800-541-5479. We are located in Oregon at 810 S. 10th St.

Linda Sanders


Rock River Center

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