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Letters to the Editor

Kilker’s letter was infuriating

Dear Editor,

We moved to Highland Park almost a year ago, after calling Oregon home for over three decades.

Some of my most memorable community projects were those involving Debbie Dickson.

She is one of the most resourceful, hard-working, creative and forward-thinking women I have ever known—as well as just a lovely and caring person.

Cold bricks and mortar of a building mean nothing unless they go hand-in-hand with people like Debbie, who give heart, soul, time and talent through countless challenges.

The letter written by Lynne Kilker regarding Debbie’s picture on the cover of “Oregon Living Magazine” was absolutely infuriating.

I have no idea how any decent person feels it is appropriate to pass such judgment through the format of a letter in the newspaper and hope it is a wake-up call to do some soul-searching before hitting the “send” key.


Judy Pemberton
Highland Park

Committee says thanks

Dear Editor,

The Mt. Morris Tourism Committee thanks all of those who were a part of our 2013 tourism event; Country Living Tour - Past and Present.

We had a fantastic, sunny fall day, as those participating enjoyed the beginning of the tour, under the fall colors on the beautiful Mt. Morris campus.

The lovely weather made each of the four sites a joy to visit from the fun Tennessee Picnic at Weller’s Woods to the interesting historical farm hayride at Mike McNett’s.

We have had positive comments about the event and each of the four sites visited.

A debt of gratitude goes out to the owner’s of Weller’s Woods, Barnacopia, West Branch Church, and the McNett farm for agreeing to be a part of the tour.

Thank you to Vinde for covering the event for the newspaper.

Thanks also to those who chose to attend and learn some local history and farm heritage on the Country Living Tour.


Jan Hough

Mt. Morris Tourism Committee

Likes Rock for state’s attorney

Dear Editor,

I would like to share my view of our current state’s attorney, Mike Rock.

I have been at two separate meetings where Mike Rock has spoke at recently.

One was for a fire chief’s meeting, he was our guest speaker back in July.

He shared his job responsibilities, his views on crime, and his plans for the future of Ogle County. I was quite impressed with him that night.

Not only is he a man of good morals, he has a love for our communities in Ogle County.

He shared some laws, his successful convictions, and his plans for the future of our local government.

After the meeting I asked him to speak at one of my groups.

He came to speak a few weeks later and once again pleasantly surprised his audience.  

I commented to the group that it is rare to find a man in his position that can still relate to the “regular people.”

Mike is a family man, who carries a big load of stress and is accountable for many lives on a daily basis.

I definitely think he is the man for this job and strongly encourage you to re-elect Mike Rock in the upcoming election.

He has done a great service to our county thus far, and we need someone like him to continue to be our leader, our state’s attorney.

There has been a lot of negative things come out of the state’s attorney’s office over the years, isn’t it time for some positive leadership?

Please vote to re-elect Mike Rock.

Dawn Plock

Leaf River

Living history portrayals great

Letter to the Editor:

I would like to send a big Thank You to all of the participants in the Ogle County Historical Society’s Living History Program during Autumn on Parade.

Sherry Piros (Margaret Fuller), Jon Barnhart (John Deere), Melinda Egli (Ruby Nash), Marie Ley (Laura Fessler), Rita Mueller (Grandma Burright), Ron Colson (Lorado Taft) and last, but certainly not least, Joanne Reisner as the many characters of the Spoon River Anthology.

You were all just great!  There have been a lot of comments made on what a success it was.  You all looked wonderful at the Nash Museum on Saturday and in the parade on Sunday!

Special thanks to Pizza Hut and Subway for feeding our historic team.  Also, thank you Friends of the Library, Marta Robertson, Dynamic Horizons, and Flamingo Palace for supplying critical last minutes items that “saved the day.”

On behalf of the Ogle County Historical Society and the Ruby Nash Museum we just wanted everyone to know how much we appreciate you, and we applaud you!


Kathryn Stauffer,

V.P. Ogle County Historical Society

Chana School marked 130 yrs

Dear Editor,

The Chana School celebrated its 130th anniversary on Oct. 5 during Autumn on Parade.

Even if the weather was anything but comfortable that day, volunteers were happy to serve the public inside the schoolhouse and outside at the food booth for visitors of the car and tractor shows.

Docents in the school gave tours and answered questions dressed in their period clothes.

Volunteers included teachers Sherry Piros, Earlyne Warmolts, and Connie Stauffer.

There was also schoolmaster Cliff Knapp who also whittled for the public in the afternoon.

Hosts and hostesses included Donna and Lyle Deuth, Wayne and Rudy Suter, Richard and Jane Meyer, Charlie Glammeyer, Brian Grover and Mark Herman.

There were many jobs to be done before the event on Saturday.

Thanks to the organizers of the food booth Gary Stauffer and Ray Gruber, a tent covered volunteers and the food.

Duke Thomas and Phil Bratta helped to raise the tent and secure the area before the event.

Mindy Thomas shared her food handler’s certificate for the occasion and advised where needed.

Gus and Rhonda Himert began early setting up the interior of the booth for the day and sold coffee and donuts to those who came early to register their vehicles and tractors.

Cynde Wennmaker was chief kitchen staff inside the schoolhouse preparing coffee, hot chocolate, and barbecue for the food booth.

Donna Gruber helped package cookies and then sold items in the booth.

Linda Knigge, Gary Davis and Marilyn Burright worked as a team providing food and drinks to visitors midmorning through the noon hour.

Then Tim O’Rourke, Rich and Denise Toms, and Diane Lillie were the foursome who worked during heavy rain providing lunch for many wet visitors and then cleaned up at the end of the afternoon.

A special junior volunteer, Jacob Miller, worked for four hours at the food booth and inside the schoolhouse helping volunteers. He enjoyed wearing an old-fashioned hat and selling items.

The Chana School Museum would like to give a big thank you to everyone who donated food items for the food booth.

Barb and Ken Giese, Brian and Kathy Grover, and Gary and Connie were generous in donating food items for the food booth.

A heartfelt thank you also goes to Donna Deuth and many Chana women for making cookies for the food booth.

Finally a huge thank you goes to the parents and students of Oregon fourth grade for showing their support by making donating brownies and cookies for the day event.

All in all thanks to all the folks who volunteered in a variety of ways, the Chana School Museum provided a community service during Autumn on Parade showing community pride in our local history.

The Chana School stands as a historical landmark of the generations of people before us.

Connie Stauffer


Volunteers are needed for CASA

Dear Editor,

As the President of the CASA board, I would like to urge the citizens of Ogle County to consider becoming a CASA volunteer. CASA serves the children of Lee, Ogle, and Carroll Counties.

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) are trained individuals that are appointed by a judge to represent the best interests of a child in court. 

These children are at risk due to abuse and neglect in situations they do not deserve to be in. A CASA volunteer provides a judge with factual information regarding the child to help the court make positive decisions for the child’s future.   

Please consider becoming involved with this worthy program.  You can make the difference in the life of a child. 

Please visit our website at or visit us on Facebook.

Kim Stahl

Ogle County Circuit Clerk

President, CASA

Volleyball team coaches thank everyone

To the parents, guardians, fans, teachers, and staff of the DLR Junior High volleyball teams,

Thank you to all for your support throughout our volleyball season.

We appreciate the rides to and from practices and games (especially morning practices), our loud and enthusiastic home crowds, and snacks after the matches.

We also are grateful to all who volunteered to take tickets and work in the concession stands. We want to extend a special ‘thank you’ to Mr. Beske and the pep band that inspired us in our final match of the year.

Also thank you to Mr. Beske, Mrs. O’Neil, Lucas Lauer and Maria Garcia for their help with book and clock throughout the season.

Thank you to our families for their support as well. Our seasons were a success thanks to all of you. A program cannot survive without the generous support of all of you.

Thanks again!


Coaches Kathi Tremble and Gretchen Nelson and the 2013 DLR Junior High Volleyball teams


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