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Public apology is needed after cruel words

Dear Editor,

I am appalled at the letter to the editor submitted last week by Lynne Kilker referencing the cover of the Oregon Living Magazine. 

How degrading and demeaning to refer to our Chamber of Commerce Director’s photos as “provocative” and as a “pin-up” when it is absolutely no such thing.

The photos are amazing and the story about Oregon uplifting and positive.  

On top of which, Debbie had nothing to do with writing the story or deciding what went on the cover of the magazine.

I for one believe Debbie Dickson has been a tremendous asset to our community for many years as a hard working volunteer, at the helm of the Autumn on Parade Festival and working for the chamber.

I am furious that Ms. Kilker could be so vicious and cruel. Lynne, you should be ashamed of yourself. I believe you owe Debbie a public apology!

Beth Henderson

White Pines Inn & Eagle’s Nest

Cover was not provocative

Dear Editor,

I read the letter from Lynne Kilker objecting to the cover of the latest Oregon Living magazine. 

I agree with the Editor’s Note in that I did not think it was “provocative” either. 

That cover did get me to inquire about membership in the Oregon Chamber of Commerce, so in that sense a positive result was achieved.


Richard J. Gribbins


Amused with letter about magazine cover

Dear Editor,

I was amused to see the letter from one of our county board representatives concerning a purported “pin-up picture” on the cover of a recent newspaper magazine.

I’ll bet the representative’s arrival at the next Chamber of Commerce meeting will be one sashaying entrance.

Speaking for myself, I’d rather see a picture of a person than some damned old cannons, which represent devices used to kill.

In the representative’s letter it’s stated “Our courthouse represents all  the citizens of Ogle County.”

I will say, inside the walls of that courthouse, people representing Ogle County have taken our money in taxes and fines, taken people’s freedom, taken people’s home, passed laws to cause their neighbor a problem, and meet once a month to act like a bunch of nitwits with their petty little fights.


Harold W. McMichael


Red & White night a success

Dear Editor,

The 2013 OHS Hawks fall season has started with a successful Red & White Spirit Night.

The Oregon Hawks Booster Club would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported the fall activities participants at the 2013 Red & White Spirit Night.

We could not have asked for better weather. Everyone enjoyed meeting the 2013 Oregon Hawks, watching the athletes scrimmage, cheerleaders cheer, Pom Pom girls dance, runners run, and the band play.

The success of this event is the result of the many volunteers who donate their time, support, enthusiasm, money, and raffle items.

We would like to thank all the individuals and businesses for their donations.

Let’s Go Hawks!

Thank you,

Jennifer Rutherford

Oregon Hawks Booster Club

Road repairs leave cemetery fund depleted

Dear Editor,

It has been 13 years since White Oak Cemetery has had road repair.

With some very good help and hard work we have converted White Oak into an attractive resting place for our loved ones.

The cost of the chip and seal on the roads was $11,812, leaving the improvement fund almost flat broke.

The improvement committee has been overwhelmed with the support from the general public.

We have had lots of people thank us for the improvements made so far.

We need your support to continue our care and improvements, as many older head stones need to be re-set.

The improvement committee is Russ Ruter, Richard Stuckenburg and Lloyd Wubbena.

Send donations to Forreston State Bank, Box 278, Forreston, IL  61030 in care of Sue Ruter.

Russ Ruter, Forreston

Thank you for supporting us

Dear Editor,

Polo Rehabilitation & Health Care Center would like to extend a big thank you to community members, family members and staff who supported the pig roast this year.

The turnout was wonderful and everyone had a great time! Thank you!

Kelly Shroyer

Polo Rehabilitation & Health Care Center

Woman finds acceptance

Dear Editor,

Four years ago, I moved to Mt. Morris from Napa, Calif.

Missing my spiritual community, I decided to find a church I could call home. I tried attending several in the area but didn’t quite fit in.

Although I am a Christian, I am also a professional psychic. I had trained with the Berkeley Psychic Institute, am an ordained minister, and had started a meditation center.

When I went to churches in the area and shared my spiritual beliefs I wasn’t exactly accepted. I wondered if I would find a place I could fit in.

One day while driving into Oregon from Mt. Morris, I hit an icy patch of road.

Of course, I had never driven on ice in my life. I lost control of the car.

It slid across the street past oncoming traffic.

The only thing that went through my mind was, Lord, I hope this isn’t going to hurt.

Fortunately, God had a  higher plan for me and apparently a rather dark sense of humor.

My car landed in one piece in front of St. Bride’s church sign. I looked up and there it was.

For the moment I thought to myself that the people inside must be praying for new members. Probably another bunch of holy rollers.

A few weeks later after looking through the phone book, there it was again, that sign.

I thought to myself, this must be divine intervention because I found myself driving there for their traditional Christian service.

They simply read from the Old Testament, then the new Testament.

No one told me what I need to believe. They just presented the word.

It has been three years since then. I am still attending.

I have since been baptized into the Episcopal faith and  have a greater sense of inner peace.

It is the best kept secret around here. They really practice Jesus’ commandment love thy neighbor as thyself.

I feel unconditionally loved. When I enter the sanctuary of the church I feel blessed and lifted up.

That which was missing in my life is fulfilled.

Privately I call the coffee hour there the Jesus club.

Episcopalians love to socialize and cook.

If you are searching for a church that practices unconditional love, come to Saint Bride’s.Sincerely,

Karyn Hart, Mt. Morris

P.S. They don’t know I am writing this letter about the church.

Enjoys seeing flag on the dam

Dear Editor,

I want to thank the person or persons responsible for the flag on the dam.  You have made me famous (infamous?)  

I can’t go anywhere, including within by own family, that I am not asked if or how I did it.  

I do go out on the river pretty much every day, but I have to admit I have not done a public prank since I turned Blackhawk red back in 1966. He actually looked pretty good that way.  

I have looked at the flag from close range and have checked out the structure of the dam.  

Whoever did this must have done their homework.  

Turning Blackhawk red when the lights were in the Flintstone structures took a little creativity, but it was easy and not dangerous.  

Wait 47 years until you admit your “crime.”  

I think the dam looks pretty good with the flag there, and it gives me a good indication of the wind when I am sailing.

Randy Holland


Thank you for donating blood

Dear Editor,

A great big thank you to all the blood donors on Sept. 19.

It was nice to be busy, by having 32 people give of their time, and help with this great cause. We appreciate your effort.

Thank you also to the Forreston Fire Department for allowing us to use their social room for registering the donors.


Larry Dikkers

Forreston Lions

Antique Show looks for new food provider

Dear Editor,

Another year has passed and the Oregon Woman’s Club Antique Show Committee is again preparing for their annual Antique Show.

March, 2014 will mean 64 years of putting on this amazing show in this small town.

Over 52 dealers from throughout the Midwest sign on for this show and quality appraisers are available on the second day of the show, and glass repair is available on both days.

Over the years, this two-day show has brought a lot of people into the community, which has meant generous donations of proceeds to local organizations and scholarships.

The entire Woman’s Club would like to thank all those who have attended this show over the years and brought their families and friends.

Positive feedback has always been received from attendees and many thanks received from local merchants for business brought into them by people coming to Oregon.

This show has made an outstanding concession available to attendees and dealers, which has been very well received.

However, the organization which has provided the concession can no longer continue their fine work due to a shortage of volunteers.

Therefore, at this time the Oregon Woman’s Club is seeking a certified and insured food provider and server for their two-day annual Antique Show concession.

Dates are Saturday, March 29 and Sunday, March 30, 2014. The location is the Blackhawk Center, Oregon.

Attendance at the show is approximately 1,850 people, with a percentage of attendees as well as dealers eating at concessions.

The Oregon Club wishes to offer this opportunity to a local civic organization or a business before Tuesday, Oct. 15.

Specific requirements can be obtained by contacting Judy Groharing at 815-652-2047.


Judy Groharing

President, Oregon Woman’s Club and Chairman, Annual Antique Show

From 9/28 editions

RRC official offers thanks

Dear Editor,

Rock River Center would like to thank the many people who organized, contributed and enjoyed the most recent Annual BBQ that was held on Saturday, Sept. 7 at the Rock River Center.

Many hours of planning paid off as close to 300 individuals came to enjoy the event.
Rock River Center would like to acknowledge those that participated in this year’s event: Dale Beesing family-Beesing Welding, Joyce and Leonard Bruns-Oregon Powerhouse BBQ and team, N & G Music from Dixon, Bettner Farms, Bolhous Insulation, Judy Brainerd, Cindy Bunger/Flower Patch, Rebecca Clausen, Cook’s Collection, Shannon Coffman/Footworks Reflexology, Felker Foods, First National Bank in Rochelle, WATT Global Media (Greg Watt), Hair Expressions, Jaime Welte-Finch, Jim and Ann Haas, Jim and Barb Barnes, Jim and Pam Black, Sue Benesh, Linda Sanders, Joyce Orsted, Johnson’s Processing from Chadwick, Ann and Leonard Jones,  Julie Skarda, Ellen Byrne, Kaufman’s SuperValu, Linda Duffy, Liz Whitney, Lucky and Andrea Larson, Margo Ackland & the Soul Notes, Marlene Hobbs, Martin and Company, Merlin’s Greenhouse, Midway Village, Rockford, Gary Monnahan, Myers Excavating, NJB Operations (Taco Bell), Nordman Excavating, Oregon Healthcare Pharmacy, Oregon Park District – Erin Folk, Oregon VFW, Orthopedic Rehab Specialists, Paddlewheel Inn/Ehmens, Performing Arts Guild, Rock River Center Crafters, Rock River Center Bakers, Rock River Outfitters, Snyders Grocery in Byron, Stage West Roadhouse, Steve Benesh & Sons, Connie & Gary Stouffer, Stillman BancCorp NA, Tena Krueger (Mary Kay), The Soap Shoppe, Three Sisters Café, Tom Klein, Walmart, White Pines Inn, and Winneshiek Theater from Freeport.

If you were part of this event and not listed please know that you are appreciated for your assistance.

The Auctioneering Services were provided by Dan Janes, Stillman Valley.

The Rock River Center Fundraising committee would like to thank the community for their support. The team: Ginger Pearson, Diane Palmer, Janelle Diehl, Dee Newton, Barb Barnes and Joyce Bruns.

The committee was assisted by the staff at Rock River Center.
Also a thank you to the team that assisted Oregon Powerhouse BBQ: Doris Rosenbalm, Ethel Palmer, Barb Giese and the men that assisted in cooking.

A special thank you to Jim Spratt and the Oregon High School Golf Team for their help in setting up, assisting and tearing down.

Rock River Center appreciates all the volunteers. Volunteers are what makes a large function seem small.

Diane Palmer. Oregon

OHS golf team thanks donors

Dear Editor,

The Oregon boys and girls golf team would like to thank everyone that helped make the 2nd annual Golf Team Play Day fund raiser at Silver Ridge Golf Course a big success.

We would like to thank Andy Gramer and the great staff at Silver Ridge for hosting our event. The parents who did almost all of the prep for the event especially Lisa Brubaker who procured the prizes from the supportive businesses in our area. The golf team mom’s aka the “Social Committee” for setting up and tearing down. Lauren and Matt Ireton from Silver Ridge for staffing and grilling the food.

Our great prizes were donated by: Silver Ridge Golf Course, Sunset Golf Course, Fairways Golf Course, OHS Booster Club, Maggie’s, JoAnne’s Total Image,  Brian Bemis Automotive, The Steak Pit, The Flower Patch, Midwest Dental, Merlin’s, The Chili Pepper, Walmart,  BP Gas, Martin & Company Excavating, Eagles Nest, RBG, Dr.Mark & Barb Myers, Snyder’s Pharmacy, Messies, First National Bank, Willette, Hoffman Associates, Red Stone and Ace Hardware.

Our hole sponsors need a big thank you for monetary donations: Martin & Company Excavating, Brian Bemis Automotive group, Kunes Country Automotive, Forreston Dental LLC, Dr. Mark & Barb Myers, Byron Financial – Chris E. Martin, Silgan Containers,  Larry Young “Class of 72”, The Oregon Booster Club.

And finally to all the players that played that day and braved a rainy, windy day to help support the hawks you are greatly appreciated. I hope you had fun and enjoyed the food.

All of the proceeds from this event will go directly the boys and girls golf team. For everyone associated with Oregon Golf again I would like to thank you.


Coach Jim Spratt and The Hawks

Does not like magazine cover

Dear Editor,

I have received my copy of “Oregon Living Magazine.” I always look forward to this publication because of the stories about a place that I love. However, as I looked at the cover of the Fall/Winter 2013 issue, I could not believe my eyes!

For many years the Ogle County Courthouse has stood in our midst as a symbol of our government and our heritage.

I have been privileged to be elected by the people of old District 1 to serve as their county board representative.

Now, looking at the cover of this “publication” I see an individual seated on the east side of our courthouse planted firmly on one of the commemorative rocks in front of the cannons.

I looked inside the magazine to see the article. The following are the closing words: “I’m always saying to people … ‘Look at this! Did you know that our community has this and it’s awesome!”

Is that comment referencing our courthouse or is it referencing the “cheerleader” in the provocative pose?

I went to the website for the Chamber of Commerce to find a list of the board of directors. Not available.

I then began my search and have since contacted all of the board that I could find.

Each board member made it very clear that they knew nothing about this picture, this article, and most had not even seen the magazine.

I will be visiting the next meeting of the board of directors of the chamber on the third Thursday of October at 1 p.m. at the chamber office.

This “pin-up” picture might better have been taken elsewhere rather than to do a “cheap shot” at our courthouse which represents all the citizens of Ogle County. I do not wish to have it on my coffee table in my living room.

Thank you for listening. I shall keep “digging” until I find answers!

Lynne Kilker, Oregon

Editor’s Note: Decisions regarding the content, design, and what is on the cover of the Oregon Living magazine are made by Sauk Valley Media, magazine publisher and parent company of Ogle County Newspapers. We do not believe the cover is provocative.

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