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Letters to the Editor

Urges support of flag at Sept. 16 school board meeting

Dear Editor,

A couple of weeks ago I submitted a letter to the newspaper regarding my displeasure over the removal of the flag in front of our old high school building.

People began approaching me and saying they were also unhappy with this decision.

I created a Facebook page entitled “Friends of Old Glory” to gather a list of supporters and comments to present to the school board regarding this issue.

I will attend the next [school board] meeting on Monday, Sept. 16 convening at 6:30 p.m. in the library located in the new [high school] building.

I would appreciate your support if you would like to see the flag reinstated in front of that beautiful historical building.


Liz De Arvil


Donations will help maintain cemetery

Dear Editor,

Lloyd Wubbena and Rick Stuckenburg have examined some head stones that have fallen over at White Oak Cemetery.

Many family members are interred here with no one to tend to the burial site.

Children have been forgotten, because of the many years that have lapsed.
Families have either moved away or also have died.

Many old wooden caskets have decayed and returned to the earth, leaving the stone to lose its base and just tip over.

The improvement committee would like to do something.

I remember our Forreston Reformed Church minister who lost a small daughter.

She is interred at White Oak, and I remember the heartbreak and fervent prayers to try to save the child.

She passed away leaving the congregation in deep despair and the family in desperate agony.

Just look at what the improvement has already done for White Oak.

You should remember what it looked like in the 1980s and 1990s to what it looks like now.

But we are not done yet. Let’s straighten up the stones.

When we get done paying for the new chip and seal roads we do not have any money left.

We need your help in donations to continue this.

Committee members are Russ Ruter, Rick Stuckenburg, and Lloyd Wubbena.

Send donations to Forreston State Bank, P.O. Box 278, Forreston, ILá 61030, care of Sue Ruter.

Russ Ruter


Himert not in favor of the new Common Core

Dear Editor,

While reading the press release put out by District 220 and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, some language seemed a little troubling.

First, was the use of the words partner and partnership.

When I purchase goods, materials, or services, I never go around and tell everyone that I have forged a unique partnership with all the sales people who sold those materials or services.

Now, I understand from a marketing standpoint a partnership sounds a whole lot better than just closing a sale, however, the bottom line is that it’s just semantics.

Most people have mortgages, life insurance, doctors, or dentists. These are usually long-term commitments.

They could be called partnerships, but it is just you and the salesperson agreeing for services or materials for a fixed price.

Now, if I came home with a six-figure sports car that I really couldn’t afford, maybe I would attempt to use a partnership to explain my purchase to a rather upset wife, but that doesn’t change the situation.

Second, “In concert with HMH Leadership and Learning Center guidance, curriculum review and redesign continues this fall, with the first two years of the partnership focusing on English, Language Arts, and math. Science and social studies will follow.”

The Leadership and Learning Institute was bought by HMH and now HMH is the parent company.

HMH is the publishing company who sold the new material to District 220.

HMH Leadership and Learning Center does the curriculum training for HMH. Is this the partnership?

If so, the headline is a bit misleading. District 220 has put out numerous press releases over the past several years promoting test score improvements across the board, along with awards and honors.

There are even signs located around town proclaiming Oregon High School’s success.

I take these improvements at face value, so it seems odd that we would purchase all new teaching material to be aligned with Common Core when what we have been doing seems to be providing great results.

I am not in favor of Common Core at all and there is not the time or space here to go into all of the problems.

If you have questions, I urge you to go to and become educated on its pitfalls.

Glenn Himert


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