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High School

Former NFL player Sean Considine kicks off OHS' Relay for Life

Having the motivation to become successful while remembering those who helped you along the way was the message delivered to Oregon High School students Monday afternoon.

Sean Considine, Byron, played 8 seasons in the NFL, concluding his career with the 2012 Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens.

He was in Oregon Monday afternoon as the guest speaker to kick off the district's Relay for Life event.
"Through football I had the chance to get involved with many great causes including Relay for Life," said Considine. "You are kicking off Relay for Life campaign. Getting involved like you are doing is something I encourage you to do throughout your lives."

Considine graduated from Byron High School in 2000.

"It seems like yesterday I was sitting in the bleachers at Byron High School with my whole life ahead of me," he said. "Here I am 32 years old, 4 kids, and number 5 due in a few weeks."

He has lived in numerous cites and states but his journey in life has focused on two things.

"I have focused not only my football career, but more importantly, my life," Considine said.

The success Considine had in football has come from two things he said. "My work ethic and the people around you."

In 2000 Considine had just graduated Byron High School and made the decision to try and walk on to the football team at the University of Iowa.

"I spent the summer worrying if I could play or wasting my time," he said. "I darn near ended up at (Oregon) Coach (John) Bothe's alma matter, Augustana.  I did find my wife there."

The summer before college was one of the most uncertain times for Considine.

"The uncertainty I experienced is something I will never forget.  It was the most important time in my life," Considine said. "Here I was at the crossroads of my life.  One direction leads to success, another to mediocrity. I wanted to be successful. I wanted to start down the road to success and was willing to do whatever it took."

To achieve this goal, Considine spent the summer coming up with a plan.

"I came out with a plan," he said. "Not for football, but for my life."

His plan consisted of committing his life to two things that would guarantee his success no matter the outcome.

"I built my life around my work ethic and the people around me," Considine said. "I was committed to being the hardest worker I could.  Not just in football, or the weight room, but in the classroom."

The other part of the plan was the most important part, he said.

"I decided to dedicate myself to the people around me," Considine said. "Stop and think about what I am talking about. I committed to what was being taught to me by the coaches. I had developed my own opinions of how I should do things, but It was not until I was using the experience of those around me that I started to make big improvements."

His parents, family, friends, and coaches have all helped Considine with his journey in life.

Being on a winning Super Bowl team was a bonus for Considine that capped off his football career.

"Winning the super bowl and having this ring has been a dream of mine since I was a little kid," he said. "Besides the obvious memories, I was left with another lesson."

Ray Lewis was the senior member of the Baltimore Ravens.

"He seemed like an unlikely guy to demonstrate the power of the people around year," Considine said. "But what I saw was amazing."

Considine said Lewis encouraged everyone in the locker room and has the natural ability to motivate people.

Through practices and team meetings, Considine got to know Lewis.

"I never had a teammate that spent more time motivating people," said Considine. "He had a vision to go out on top. He spent the whole season getting the teammates on the same vision."

Considine said Lewis knew no detail was ever too small and no role was too small.

"Lewis knew everyone needed to buy into the vision," Considine said. "We were a group of men that were able to overcome our individual limitations."

He said this was accomplished by every working together on the same goal.

"What you are doing with Relay is a great example of the power of the people," said Considine. "You are coming together to raise money. The sky is the limit."

Being on a Super Bowl winning team is a great reminder for Considine about his journey in life.

"I have a Super Bowl ring to remind me the rest of my life of the help I had along the way," he said."

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