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Letters to the Editor

Appreciative of Mt. Morris concerts

Dear Editor,

We have enjoyed and are very appreciative of the long standing Wednesday evening band concerts and the second summer of Friday evening concerts.

The picturesque setting of the old college campus buildings among the beautiful trees as a back drop to the band shell and the sight of so many people enjoying the music and conversing with community and area residents has been a great experience.

A very special thank you to Warren and Carol Reckmeyer and the Kable Band members for all their efforts toward making each Wednesday concert so enjoyable for so many years.

We are very fortunate to have this and should all remember the dedication that makes it happen.

We also wish to thank Larry Ubben and Jerry Stauffer for volunteering the extensive amount of time, energy and patience they have put toward the Friday evening concerts, as well as the Mt. Morris Village Board of Trustees for their support of the idea and financial backing to help get it started.

Contacting and coordinating a variety of entertainment groups to schedule dates, the concern about cost, weather, advertisement, adjusting the sound system — all of this to please different generations and musical preferences can be very challenging.

We hope everyone will express appreciation to Larry and Jerry — and be as generous as possible when the bucket for donations is passed on Friday evenings next year to support continuing live music in Mt.Morris.


Dave and Mary Jane Warkins

Mt. Morris

Forreston Games were held Aug. 2

Dear Editor,

On July 29, 31, and August 2, Forreston held its 4th annual Forreston Games as a way to celebrate the end of summer conditioning and to compete in an enthusiastic, encouraging environment.

Over 65 boys and girls competed in five events over the course of three days.

They competed at a very high level despite the heat, and many students achieved personal bests as they competed for the top three spots for boys and girls.

Event 1 asked the athlete to perform as many burpees and power cleans (weights increased every 15 reps) as possible in 9 minutes.

Event 2 asked the athletes to perform as many deadlifts, shoulder to overheads, and box jumps as possible in 5 minutes.

Event 3, asked the athletes to perform as many thrusters (45 lbs), double unders, and pull ups as possible in 6 minutes.

Event 4, asked the athletes to perform as many toes to bar, and clean and jerks as possible in 4 minutes.

Finally, event 5 asked the athletes to perform as many thrusters and pullups as possible in 4 minutes.

If they performed 30 reps of each they earned a bonus of 2 extra minutes.

There were many highlights throughout the days of competition.

Boys and girls made every second matter as they fought for every rep in the given time.

It is impossible to accurately capture the spirit of competition that existed in the Forreston weight room throughout the three days.

By the last event, all the kids were cramming in to the room to see each other compete.

Despite the heat, despite the fact they could be sleeping, these kids were watching each other dig deeper than they have ever done before.

Not everyone received an award, but everyone left a better person for seeing what they could do when it mattered.

These kids had no idea what the events were going to be until they showed up.

They proved that they are ready for anything, and that if they want to be healthy, active adults they now know how to do it.

Each and every athlete had multiple moments where they displayed exceptional courage and heart.

Our Forreston athletes have trained at an incredible level throughout the summer and they put their hard work on display over the course of this event.

The winners for the boys were 3rd place Max Barklow, 2nd place Ross Williams, and 1st place Dustin Groen. For the girls, 3rd place Bridget Barry, 2nd place Mckenzie Heinz, and
1st place, Kali Janicke.

The coaches also voted for a Spirit of the Games award that was given out to both a boy and a girl.

This award was given to the athletes who stood out the most by displaying heart in their own events but also how they cheered their fellow competitors on to achieve their best.

The winner for the boys was Jacob Lipman and for the girls Keileigh Cloepping.

A special thank you is needed for the areas businesses who provided monetary donations, and gift cards.

The businesses allowed the Forreston coaching staff to provide trophies, prize envelopes, and fruit for the athletes between events.

Our local communities should be very proud of our young athletes and as a coaching staff we look forward to seeing this effort on the various playing surfaces during the school year.

Also, a thank you to the coaches and volunteers that help judge and run the event: Kyle Zick, Nicole Brinker, Amy Busch, Jonathon Schneiderman, Lane Schurr, Kirk Engelkens,
Keynon Janicke, Hunter Hake, Adam Akins, Denny Diduch, and Craig Wainman from Victory Bootcamp in Freeport.


Amy Busch

Activities Director

Forreston Junior High


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